A police investigation into the beating of a man outside a Hudson Valley bar revealed that the victim was assaulted by three women for refusing to buy them a drink.

The incident took place early Tuesday morning near Emely’s Bar & Grill in Newburgh. The Times Herald-Record reports that one of the aggressors called the police, and the three women initially claims that the man had assaulted them.

But the investigation concluded that it was Elizabeth Condor, 19, Yomaira Brito-Santiago, 24, and Mariela Dela Cruz, 25, who instigated the fight by punching the man in the face after he turned down a request to pick up their tab.

The man was then chased out of the bar where the beating continued.

 As the women began hitting him with their shoes, the bar’s bouncer, 45-year-old Donald Atkinson, reportedly joined the brawl, taking the women’s side.

 All four suspects were arrested and charged with felony gang assault. The victim was transported to a nearby hospital, where he was treated for serious facial injuries, including a bleed in his right eye.

The thirst is real these days, a lot of women head out with no intentions of having to pay for a drink. Their is nothing worse then a group of women watch one of their friends constantly drink for free and not have a glass in their hand.

  • Old Skool Quote

    Damn Desert throat!! Broads

  • desolation

    see this why I don’t pay for drinks to get at women . You’re usually just being set up to be taken advantage of.

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  • MoorDetroitRed

    @B Straight I told you that cheap stuff gonna catch up to you.

    • Nigga please! 3 women definitely wouldn’t run up on me…definitely not over drinks. He probably was talking to these women & they tried to play him at the end.

  • Greg4422

    yea sounds like the 3 women and the bouncer were running a scam

    • I’d definitely wait to catch that bouncer by himself & stomp him out!!

      • 1luv

        I would have never thought some crap like this would happen. There is always some guy at a bar that is looking to buy a few drinks for women.

        • Cakes(shake responsibly)

          Exactly 1luv and they ddont even ask for #s or anything they just buy them just because..smh i wish i was there to see what really happened

  • Cakes(shake responsibly)

    Lol those mustve been some ugly desperate acting broads…i feel bad for that guy you cant even chill by yourself these days the predators are always lurking..

  • lnfamous ONE

    Shoulda clapped them all up starting with the bltch that threw the 1st punch…. (POW!!) end of story and goodnight.