This Is The Best I Seen Regina Hall Look In A Minute

· January 11, 2014

43 year old actress Regina Hall looked so good she would get a pass for calling paparazzi on her self.

Regina is starring in the new trailer for “About Last Night” along side of Kevin Hart, in a Valentine’s Day comedy about two couples falling in love after meeting at a bar, then bonding in the bedroom.

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  1. Big P says:

    One of my favs. Beauty, smarts and personality

  2. the goddess :sheedlikey:

  3. For serious says:

    Best you have seen in a minute? What Regina Hall you been looking at? She a dime and a 9.999 on her worst day.

  4. dj smith says:

    Her and Jill Scott do something to me Smh

  5. RED(MGC World Order) says:

    Fine as hell…nice feet too!

  6. Prime706 says:

    My sister meet her in the mall a few weeks and said she is real cool and down to earth I told her I wanted to smash that ass.

  7. KutDawg says:

    I wanna taste that punani.

  8. joe says:

    She’s always been sexy

  9. Mister Mister says:

    She’s always been badd to me. Physically beautiful & got a good sense of humor, that’s a winner. And she still killing broads half her age.

  10. NoWhiteInMyCup says:

    She always looked nice and she probably one of the only two black females to actually date and like black men

  11. no hate says:

    Never was into her at all.

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