This Is How McDonald’s Makes Chicken McNuggets

· February 4, 2014

To dispel that old “pink slime” rumor, McDonald’s Canada released a video detailing how it makes its Chicken McNuggets. The process is not “pink slime” gross, but it’s still sort of disgusting.

In case you’re curious: The chicken brea*** are deboned, the meat is separated and ground, and spices are mixed in along with some chicken skin. The chicken goo is then cut into four nugget shapes, battered twice, partially fried, bagged, boxed, frozen, and shipped. Not too terrible, all things considered. And at least there are no fetuses in the mix.

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  1. Go says:

    Mcdonalds swing back lol

  2. sick says:

    shame how there is no laws on companies selling this BS called food.

    • NoWhiteInMyCup says:

      ^^^^ Call me a robot, but honestly im still in love with McNuggets, ive tried the all white strips from Mickey D’s and i still prefer the fake McDonalds mcnugges.

      And they aint fooling nobody , they know they putting lots of fillers in those nuggets, but i still fcuk with em.

  3. sq3000 says:

    It was never there chicken nuggets that supposedly had pink slim. It was their ground beef which pink slim was added to it as a beef filler. The usda allows companies like Taco Bell and Mcdonald to use fillers to cut back costs and consumption of animals. Both companies paid their fines when they were caught using more slim then the allowed percentage. In return Mcdonald increased the price on their menu for beef patties. No longer $1 double cheese burgers for example.

  4. MoorThugRelated says:

    F@#k these lying hoes (no pun)

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