The cast of Think Like A Man Too is continuing to have a blast in Las Vegas!

Check out some more pictures of the crew bugging out on set.

[ @ ] lala Nothing to see here people LOL #iwillnotcommentonRo many‘s face #wtf!! @gabunion @iamterrencej @romanymalco and Ealy #mycastisbetterthenu rs 4min

[ @ ] iamterrencej For the ladies: The incredibly funny Mike Ealy & the way too handsome @kevinhart4real – ur welcome 2h

[ @ ] iamterrencej Why @garyowencomedy hunched over to talk to Kev tho? 2h

[ @ ] iamterrencej @romanymalco & @tarajiphenson trying to look se*y, got dat ass photobombed! 3h

[ @ ] iamterrencej Look back at it! @tarajiphenson 3h


  • Realtalkin

    Looking forward to it

  • Mister Mister

    Gabrielle….enough said