There are two things Atlanta is infamous for… partying and thick women and we rep both of them. In case you don’t have us bookmarked in your favorites and forget the name of the site just type in “thick thighs” in Google. The first two Thick Thighs Small Waist posts did movie numbers so you know we had to bring it back a 3rd time. Which ones are your favorite?

Thick thighs small waist Queen Maliah

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  • williedynamite

    I aint gone lie it is some butt’er-faces up there…but they all got asses worthy of getting hit from tha

    • *points at title of the post*

      • MoorFedayeen

        Man Hahz you need to slow yo role. You goin too hard!
        How bout pic 3?!?!?

        Sh*t could get critical when a girl take them tight ass jeams off and she go a pair of them. Idk why but those are my favorite over a woman rockin a thong. That one hurt

        • lorenzo alcazar

          YESSS numbet 3 but why i are montana deleons hips pointy.

    • NastiNati

      I have to say…..I would straight up wife Maliah Michelle. She is so damn sexy

  • lonestar_playa

    Yea damn the faces when u got bodies like dis!

  • #9 and #13 is the thickest to me.

  • vic85

    I’m going straight to the GIF’s….

    • jfizzle

      I’m with you on that, but I’m bringing # 3 with me and who is the Asian bird in pic #8

      • trap101

        I’m wit u fizzle. I got a serious terminal case of yellow fever.

      • trap101

        I’m wit u on that fizzle, i got myself a serious case of yellow fever and that asian bird is lookin’ just right

  • amilli_talks

    Omg at the girl with the pink panties!

  • Cold and hot

    Number 13 sexy as hell, who is she?

  • Cold and hot

    I mean number 12 she fine.

  • Dubb

    Dude all the asses in here are A+ my nigga. HAHZ keep that fire coming. U give me the vitamins to start my day. God bless you bruh lol

  • letsgo!!

    Give me #3,9,13 a case of magnums a case of gosse and a pound of kush and ill see u niggas in february

  • J.Cutta

    whats up with old girl in the gray Yall aint see that

  • Sean

    Mailah is off the wall….

  • holy ish! #1 3 4 10 &16 all look worthy of gettin bent ova,strait up! Yo hahz wut you kno about quagmire son that dude wild lmao

  • T-JOE

    Da Bitch Dat Invented Da Camera Phone Need A National Holiday In His or Her Name. YODA!

  • t-tyme

    goodness gracious 2 all of’em!!! keep ’em comin’ Hahz!!!

  • 1,3,4,5,6,12,14,15,16,17,18,19,20,21 But 17 is my main girl. I’d wife that chick if I was a single man.

  • Forty_and_Fly_Guy

    All would get hit, including the construction chick, with the manish face. Damn, fellas, I have a signature man mustache, but I think this chick got me beat!

    • DHaynes

      DAMN!! SHe sure do got her “Billy Dee” mustache workin!!
      #1 woke me the hell up!! No mercy on the back… HELL YEA!! #3 & 18 holdin it down too! Overall damn good post! LOVIN IT!!

  • hardassteel68

    damn that first one is like “pow”

  • trap101

    shoot homie, u brought me back from my vacation wit the weekend wifeys

  • Moula



    Damnit Hahz u doing way to much homie…Gotta go wit 12,15,21, and 16 she killin em all, except Maliah

  • legs

    #1 ruined that sexy body with those hood rat tats

  • Moula

    8 n 16

  • Ron

    Man Maliah is a butta face. Lookin like a smerfdofka oompa loompa from the nose down to the chin. She tight from the waist down tho. I never got the hype wit her, them lil ass curled up lips, yo…she aiight

  • clow

    16 is a dude I put my life on it