Homegrown & professional flicks of the thick thigh Thursday winner Mandii B. You can see more of Mandii B at http://www.myspace.com/55684804. For bookings email BookMandiiB@gmail.com. What do you rate Mandii B?

*Pulls score card from under his seat*

  • MoorFedayeen

    I like the artwork on her back more then I like her. some woman gotta hit the gym to maintain. she most def one of ’em. 6

  • me

    word. gym.

  • Xenos

    She looks fine to me, 7 1/2.

  • She’s nice

  • melloluver

    I’d give her a 7. She’s cute and thick, but her body looks soft, could be firmer.

  • WHOD

    give her a 8…

  • Mo Yota

    Nothing wrong with a soft body. But mami is a double cheese burger from fat.

  • Exclusive

    I’m gonna give her a 9. i like the ink, she a nice thick red-bone, i love the thick thighs and curves. I also agree that a curvy chick must workout in order to keep those curves in order. I’ll definitely ride her ass like I’m in the Kentucky derby .

  • Cold and Hot

    Firm? Women don’t suppose to be hard bodied I like my chicks like this, make you come home early!! She could tone up her stomach area a lil bit but other than that she got it.

  • doeboi

    nice redbone! I luv them yella gals

  • bossplaya

    She’ll do! I’d smash it. FYI, more gym work and less tats!!

  • scog81

    She sexy. Them tats make her even sexier & she thick. I give her a 9.

  • trap101

    6 or 7. Def needs the gym work, but A for effort for putting your pics up.

  • fotochopp

    mmmmercy! …but yeah just the stomach shows a disclaimer but shes nice.