The Weeknd Turned Down A $7 Million Album Contract Deal

· November 26, 2011

@Gibzen Louis Gibzen
Turning down a $7million album contract. That’s Swag! After Echoes Of Silence that offer will double.
14 hours ago via web

They just winning and Winning.
Like The weeknd just crazy
CANADA taking over this music industry.

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  1. I'm STILL the PRINCE!! says:

    7 million!!!???

  2. dsx632 says:

    being that he is affliated with Drake helps add to his value from the record labels imo

  3. Hiphopstan says:

    The weeknd mixtapes do crazy download #s so it sounds like their is some truth to this.didnt drake sign for 4 million?

  4. DropHop says:

    I never heard of this guy. Must be nice though

    • moorfedayeen says:

      And nobody ever heard of Drake either in the beginning. 7 mill may sound nice but what’s in the contract? That’s what counts. F*ck the amount.

      • says:

        I was thinking the same thing Moor. Like what could possibly make a record co. want to give someone (or group) 7 million in todays “music economy”

        Im thinking its probably some crazy 360 deal where they would be taking parts of everything. But to be honest, you dont need a record label more than you just need a loan. Marketing is pretty straightforward, the internet has equalized a lot of the “marketing power” record labels used to have.

        get a loan, hire an ex music exec, come up with a marketing plan, hire a staff and a street team (if necessary), tour and promote. simple.

        you could use the fact that a record label was willing to give you 7M as a bargaining chip to why you could at least command that much in a loan.

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