You can help but notice that people are Harlem Shaking every where online, 10 years after G-Dep and Bad Boy made it popular.

It never fails, what we as people call played out white hipsters call it cool years down the line. But their is a huge difference between what we called the “Harlem Shake” and what they are doing in these videos.. They look like their just spazzing out. I guess the Stanky Leg or the A-Town stomp dance is going to be the next viral phenom.

Ryan Sims’ “Harlem Shake (TL;DR Edition)” sti*ches together 49 of the most popular Harlem Shake video into a single seizure-inducing medley of memetic madness.

  • nyrkkkkkkkka22

    it’s random, stupid, but i’m not gonna lie…………i watched about 25+ videos of this, it’s addicting af

  • prettymanny

    Its kind of a combo of the Harlem shake and the Bernie ( like weekend at Bernie’s)