One of the Grammy night surprises on Sunday was when Frank Ocean, Jay-Z and The Dream were on stage accepting the award for Best Rap Song/Collaboration for the Watch The Throne hit, “No Church in the Wild.” Jay took a shot at The Dream for wearing a ‘Boyz N tha Hood’ hat that looked like it purchased at a gas station.

I’d like to thank the swap meet for his hat.

The Dream called into Philly’s Hot 109.7 to chat about his Grammy get up with Q Deezy.  He told him:

I don’t know if people really know how much time we spend around each other. There’s a thing like, ‘Oh that’s the first time he’s around him and that’s what Jay feels about him.’ We’re around each other joking all the time. It’s not like he wouldn’t say that. He would say that whether the TV is on or not.

Of course I have suits in my closet that I could have put on. I could have looked like everybody else that was there. I could have did that. Actually, we made the best TV moment that’s been on the Grammys in a long time. I don’t mind taking a joke or a jab. That’s cool. I’ll get Jay back.. All that means is that Jay’s in debt and he owes me like, three rap verses.

In case you missed it..

  • malleg’z

    Anyone who saw the show, and has common sense, knows Jay was just playing with him. Cats (media) always making things more than what they are, for their own gain, and the sad thing is that most suckas fall right in line with it. #manipulated

  • gogetit

    Look at Frank Oceans ugly fruity ass. This homo actually got on stage and sang about a white man fictional character. What a fuckin fruitcake.

  • MoorFedayeen

    Herb azz n1cca. W/o that money he wouidn’t stand a chance in hell of pulling his BM and it aint just cause of his looks. Its fat n1ggas with swag but he aint one of them.