Marking a victory for Lee Daniels and his high-profile cast, The Butler won the Friday box office with an estimated $8.3 million as it raced ahead of three other new films — Kick-Ass 2, Jobs and corporate thriller Paranoia.

The Weinstein Co.’s The Butler, returning Oprah to the big screen after a lengthy absence, is headed for a $24 million-plus weekend after nabbing stellar reviews and an A CinemaScore. The movie tells the true story of Eugene Allen (Forest Whitaker), a butler who served in the White House through eight presidential administrations. Oprah plays Allen’s wife.

Heading into the weekend, most thought Universal’s Kick-Ass 2 would win the weekend with a $20 million-plus debut because of younger fanboy moviegoers. The sequel, however, is lagging, grossing an estimated $5.8 million on Friday for a projected $15 million-plus weekend. That could put it No. 3 behind The Butler and We’re the Millers.

Kick-Ass 2, starring Aaron Taylor-Johnson, Chloe Grace Moretz and Jim Carrey, won’t match the success of the original Kick-Ass, which debuted to just under $40 million in spring 2010. The sequel, rebuffed by most critics, received a B+ CinemaScore.

Jobs, the independently produced Steve Jobs biopic starring Ashton Kutcher, and the corporate thriller Paranoia are faring even worse according to Hollywood reporter.

Made for under $15 million, Jobs took in an estimated $2.6 million on Friday for a projected $7.5 million to $8 million weekend, putting it at No. 6 or No. 7. The Open Road release was produced and financed by Five Star Films, with Endgame Entertainment partnering on the marketing. Jobs’ performance is likely hurt by dismal reviews and a B- CinemaScore (Sony and Aaron Sorkin have their own Steve Jobs film in the works).

Did anyone go to see The Butler?

  • NoWhiteInMyCup

    NO didint see the butler, the whole movie is to cliche for me and smutthered with basic themes ( black butler ) who has a son that apparently does not side with WHITE man and rebellious while the butler is still kinda semi uncle tommish and part ” dont forget where you came from’ SCENARIO.

    i THINK the movie would have did better without the over staffed celebrity cast, they didnt need oprah, or many of the other A and b list cast members to tell the story.

    I know people be like lets see more inspiring black roles black movies, i dont concur, i respect art and id rather see more new black movies that take on more non conventional type cast roles .

    We can make movies just like the white folks

  • NoWhiteInMyCup


    ALL oscar nominated and critically aclaimed shorts of the black man helping the white man in some sort of way, its amazing how these films almost always garner respect

    I want to see new shiiit , im tired of the same typecast roles and movies

    This movie looks safe to me, it looks like one of those movies that they tried to pieced togeter to make an oscar as opposed to just making a good movie, this 2013 we off that shiit

    • desolation

      yeah, i’d love to see a blk superhero/ heroine movie for starters. Hell, even if they get beyonce to play vixen or storm and it sucks, i’ll still be satisfied. it’s a start.

      • NoWhiteInMyCup

        ^^^ indeed beyonce as storm i can see that, especially with all the other non black female super hero roles out there

        • 1luv

          I can see what your are talking about NoWhiteInMyCup but the real question is, how many people want to see a black inspirational movie? They did a wonderful job with 42 but it seems like bio movies will be the only inspirational movie. They can make a movie about the hard struggles of becoming a judge, fireman, lawyer, doctor, or engineer. But how much money will those type of movies bring?

          You have to look at how much revenue will attract from a audience. Even the movie After Earth didn’t do good and that was pretty much a black father trying to connect more with his son relationship. No ghetto stereotypical story there and I guess some people didn’t want to see that.

  • Bob

    movie is a straight rehash of good ol hollywood bullshit.

  • Big ALbert

    Idgaf about the butler movie..I just don’t.

    Damn niccas really don’t fucc with Ashton kutcher no more lol. People used to be on his dicc like 8 years ago.

    • desolation

      ashton Kutcher doesnt wow me as an actor. he’s always struck me as like a skinny jack black w/ occasionally better roles. only movies of his I’ve liked are the butterfly effect, what happens in vegas, and dude where’s my car ? I wouldn’t have chosen him to play steve jobs.

    • NoWhiteInMyCup

      People never was on ashton kutcher in terms of the SILVER SCREEN (BIG SCREEN) HE does what he does on the small screen with cheesy comedys like punked , 70’s show, 2 and half men,

      but that n.cca ashton and never been respected as an actor “butterfly effect” basically ruined his career before it started.

      The jobs movie also screams one of those safe ” OSCAR wanabe movies’ FULL of cliches and typical downfall and combacks,

      the jobs movie looks like a fake knock off of social network, which was good but also full of hollywood cliche bullshiiit, even the facebook owner said he never got pussssy or had groupies in college, he said it was hollywood.

      • 1luv

        Ashton does look like the younger version of Jobs which is probably why he got offered the role. I thought the Butterfly Effect was a good movie compared too his comedy movies. I might go see Jobs but it does look like another version of The Social Network.

  • MoorThugRelated

    Cats in here speaking the truth. *carry on*

  • bloggettee

    I guess the Apple fan boys could not even dick ride a Jobs movie to success …