The Best Of Buffie The Body Work Out Videos

· January 27, 2013

Buffie The Body put together the total body work out from head to toe! Inner & outer thighs, booty, lower & upper back, front & back of thighs, biceps & triceps, calves, shoulders front & back, hips, cardio, serratus interior and chest!

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  • President Ward

    Fine! #TC

  • B Strait 3000(mega-corp)

    Wooo buffie wearing them Orange pants out. It’s always good to see a blackwoman on top of her fitness

    • bighomie53

      Yea @B,, no question about the fitness thing, but damn Buffie thick as hell top & bottom i wonder if that thang snug too, with all this workin out she be doing???!!!!! #WP #NICE

  • Queso (The Corp)

    Ain’t nobody checking for these except them teamchocos niccas .. Trying to get their buffie donk by summertime smdh

    • Queso (The Corp)

      @toofunny voice ewwwww my azz is bigger then yours Moor..

    • truthspeaker

      …..and they wonder why they get no respect……….

      • DonkRida

        ^^^ who’s this nicca? Coming in here with that hating shit. Who you repping youngin??

        • Queso (The Corp)

          @donk lol

        • presto 2.5


        • truthspeaker

          I’m reppin realism ni&&a, look at yo momma face down on the flo lookin like a d&&n fool haaaaaa

  • Realtalkin

    lookin good in them orange trousers

  • Omen

    Shorty has been working out for like 4 years strong now with this booty nomics and she still don’t have no Abs tho? lol.. rosa acosta spent less than a year in the gym and got ripped abs..

    • MoorFedayeen

      Abs are made in the kitchen, not the gym. She’d have to lose too much weight to get abs like that.

  • Mitch_rapp

    She OG. Still looking tight

    • President Ward


  • Playboy69


  • no hate

    Target areas: calves and mid section. This is a head scratcher. She has a nice shape, but she doesn’t look ‘fit.’ And by ‘fit’ I don’t mean skinny. I don’t think you have to have ripped 6 pack abs, but come on, it should look a lil’ tighter than that especially after a few years. And when other models turn to to a fitter, more exercise oriented approach and have better results in less time, it doesn’t add up. But hey, keep up the good work anyway. That’s way more than some would do.

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