Thanks to a few hungry Atlantans, McDonald’s chicken wings are now a reality and are going to be sold in every McDonald’s in the country by the end of next month. The fast food giant’s “Mighty Wings” menu item did so well during a test run in Atlanta during the fall of 2012, the fast food giant is now reintroducing them on September 9, with a nationwide rollout by September 24.

It is a little surprising that Atlanta gave birth to the new creation, since that city has continually positioned itself as a Mecca of Southern delicacies — which includes fried chicken* — and its love for a cheap McDonald’s knock-off no doubt puts that reputation in jeopardy. But McDonald’s and Atlantans’ decision to try the new product is doubly baffling when you consider that McDonald’s has already perfected the most glorious chicken(ish) product known to man: the Chicken McNugget. Why would anyone in their right mind order a chicken wing from McDonald’s when another fast food marvel is available from the same counter?


  • Playboy69

    A Proud Moment for Black People…LOL!

  • NoWhiteInMyCup

    they been had mighty wings out years ago and it did terrible, test runs lasted like a week or two

    dont know just not something right about ordering chicken at mcdonalds

    chicken nuggets are fake but its cool because they are good, its gotten to the point where i prefer chicken nuggets over premium strips, but actual fried chicken

    • presto 2.5

      “The chicken is fake…but its cool”

      Lmao!…yeah dem by-parts are tasty…Who gives a fuk what it is?


  • K-iller (DaCorpNigga)

    McDonalds trying to take over! I ain’t mad at em ! Had a convo about this with a homie couple months ago! Focal point Mickey D’s can run fast food with a tasty low costing chicken ! Fast food as we know it has evolved! Lmaooo

    • presto 2.5

      “Low costing chicken”…lol

      No tell’n where dat chicken (or whtever it is) came from fam…probably pumped fulla steroids and kept in a coop basking in its own feces (Like @Moor)…Leave dat shyt a Mcdonalds bruh…

  • I just hope my niggas are watching their health before going crazy with this fast food garbage!!

    “Ain’t neva had a lot but thankful for the little that I got,why not be fast food got me feeling sick,them crackers think they slick, by trying to make this bullshit affordable…I thank the lord that my voice is recordable” -ceelo (soulfood)

    • presto 2.5

      Lol…Good shyt famo ^^

  • Raider0352

    Hey make sure you post up the link where the Senator said that all this fried chicken is what makes black people poor. smh

  • Dubl_D

    McDs sold wings in Guam back in the early 90’s. They were pretty good to.