Even when considering Willie Smith Ward’s nine previous convictions, this is excessive: On Wednesday, a jury in Waco, Texas sentenced Ward to 50 years in jail for stealing a $35 rack of ribs from a grocery store and then telling a store employee that he had a knife.

In September 2011, Ward stole the ribs from a grocery store, hiding them under his shirt. A store employee noticed the bulge and confronted Ward in the store’s parking lot, at which point the ribs apparently fell from Ward’s shirt. The employee then asked Ward if he was hiding anything else. “I got a knife,” Ward said.

Now you just turned a ticket into a serious crime,” the employee replied.

Ward, who never actually showed a knife, took off running and was later arrested. He was charged and convicted of robbery and sentenced to 50 years.

This verdict shows that the citizens of this county will not tolerate a continued disrespect and disregard for other people and their property,” said Assistant District Attorney J.R. Vicha, who prosecuted Ward with Chris Bullajian. “People who choose to do so will be dealt with seriously and appropriately.”

Ward has previous felony convictions for burglary, attempted robbery, aggravated assault, leaving the scene of an accident, and possession of cocaine. The 41-year-old will have to serve at least a quarter of his sentence before he’s eligible for parole.

Racks on Racks on Racks… Based off of what he stole and his severe punishment any one want to guess what color he was?

  • Greg4422

    If he had a knife it’s armed robbery, doesn’t matter if it was only a $35 rack of ribs, and given his criminal history and enhanced penalties…the sentence sounds about right to me.

    Now, if the issue is he’s black and white people committing similar crimes don’t receive sentences this harsh I would agree that wouldn’t be fair, but just on the facts of this case alone…he F-up

    • MoorDetroitRed

      +1 I spoke before reading yours

  • MoorDetroitRed

    Another misleading story.

    He didn’t get time for the ribs. He got time for implying he had a knife which is aggravated assault and armed robbery. Not to mention he’s a habitual offender which makes him lucky to get 50 years instead of the life sentence habituals often get.

    Keep his dumb azz there.

    • Realtalkin


  • NoWhiteInMyCup

    At the end of the day, ITS a GEORGE W BUSH state

  • glen

    That’s some bull whose to say he said he had a knife the employee who knows what his motivation was. There is no way he should get all that time. if all of his crimes were so bad it would stand to reason he would still be in jail especially in Texas. My life experiences have taught me how crooked this cracker ass legal system operates against us hopefully he will be able to maintain in there or escape one day.