30-year-old Mark Steven West has been charged with having se* with a student at Spring High School, during the school’s prom night last spring.

The charges brought up against West are a second degree felony and he has pleaded not guilty posted his bond at $30,000. A lawyer representing West told the court that he believes his client is innocent

“I think that once the truth, what he’s facing and why he’s facing  it, comes out … the charges will ultimately be dismissed.Speaking with his family, looking at his background as an educator, he is innocent,”

Investigation has been ongoing since last spring after Principal told detectives that West had made se*ual remarks toward a student and that he possibly had committed a se*ual act with a former student as well.No charges were able to filed on West due to a lacking of evidence. As far as the Prom charges, the incident occurred on May 12th when a student had been helping to get the event and upcoming graduation together was flirting with West said a witness who is also a student; told police and the court record. She said the girl told West that

“she was ho***, and wanted to have se* with him,”

and after initally protesting the girls persistance he told her to meet him in his office were the se*ual acts took place. After the school had been aware of the events they released a letter to parents to inform them and said the school

“wants to assure that the safety of our students is of the highest importance at Spring High School. The criminal history and references of job applicants are routinely checked before they are hired.”


  • 513_Cincinnati

    If he was a woman he might get away with it. But he’s not, he’s going down.

  • MoorFedayeen

    And he needs to go down too. Nothing is equal on this planet so kill if he were a woman noise. Why was such a young guy given 2nd command of a school anyway?

  • Southwestern

    Pu$$y is a powerful thing.

  • jamar

    this happens in schools all the time.

  • WayJay

    This is BS!!! The student said she was horny not him. We don’t know what happened in the office, he could have sat her down and talked to her about not acting like that. The girl that went into the office didn’t file a complaint.