A 15-year-old majorette who performed at some of President Barack Obama’s recent inauguration festivities has been shot to death in Chicago.

Police say Hadiya Pendleton was shot in the back Tuesday in a South Side park and died at a city hospital.

Authorities say Hadiya was one of about 12 teenagers sheltering from heavy rain under a canopy when a man jumped a fence, ran toward the group and opened fire. The man fled the scene in a vehicle. No arrests have been made.

Police do not believe Hadiya was the intended target of the shooting. A teenage boy was shot in the leg. Police did not release his name.

Hadiya belonged to the King College Prep High School band, which performed at several inaugural events in Washington, D.C.

  • Queso (The Corp)

    Got dam man… Yo Chicago been HOT lately… This a dam shame man for real.


      Its so terrible here….after I have this child we getting out of here. My fiance refuses to raise our child here. RIP beautiful young lady!

      • It’s definitely getting critical for our youths up here smh. I feel bad for good kids caught up in these situations. The shorties that go to school,are apart of extra curricular activities & don’t start trouble…I pray for them. But these lil niggas who wanna gang bang in school & outta school….to hell with them. This girl probably was killed becuz she was near a dude who was a damn fool & the dude who was after him was too much of a bitch to wait until he was alone(Target) to get him. I gotta nephew in 8th grade now,and we definitely holla at him about being associated with the wrong dudes. Making sure he knows how he could get caught up in bullshit if he’s friends with the wrong type of dude. #shit cray

        • MoorFedayeen

          Y’all got the Juice now. But cats can get smoked anywhere. Don’t get it twisted.

  • sad story!

  • got damn this sh1t don’t make no sense.

  • President Ward

    That’s crazy.

  • Playboy69

    SMH!…May God Bless her family!



  • JJ

    Chicago needs to be nuked


    • Now Thats Pcp

      foh wit that non sense, its real people that work work and are peaceful out here…..whats needs to be done is give these kids jobs, activities, and better education……idle time is the devils playground

  • LouieVtheKING

    I live around corner. I heard the sirens but didn’t startled me. Im tired of the youth. Generation lost.

    • Exactly! These lil niggas are killing our neighborhoods off. Shit is sad.

      • bighomie53

        You right @B,, it’s sad that they actually think what they doin & what they are into is cool, until they land in Stateville Correctional with 40-50 years plus or life with no possibility of parole,, or until their the one with a barrel or two jammed in their face & aint no turnin back, cause that’s all it’s gon be!!!!!!!

  • BzB

    rip to this young lady. blessings to her family.

    and the police job is to protect and serve? yeah right. i think they’re part of the problem. gangs get away with crime and killings because corrupt cops enable them.

    • 1luv

      that crap been going on since the 80s.

  • god

    Obama gotta address this man… I know AMERICA THINKS… NEW TOWN is bad..but that Chicago EVERY DAY …

    • BzB

      not exactly. the large majority of people killed from inner city violence are people who are involved in sh1t they shouldn’t be involved in. aka criminal activity. not saying we should abandon those kids, but let’s keep it in perspective.


    sad thing is that in every major city,small city and town in america blacks are killing each other everyday….think about all the cities in america and think about how this is going on some numbers higher some lower but its going on everywhere blacks live….and this isnt counting the islands,south america,and africa where blacks are killing each other

    • Jamez

      i was thinkin bout how my hometown ( richmond,ca) use to be a few years ago. i was jus thinking wen i watched django how they use to kill us to us killing each other. then it was a story bout trple k getting back together …why?? we doin a b etter job then they was doin. at the end of the day, whats the point??? we all brothas and sistas yet we see each other as the enemy. then we praise each other for being gangstas. i dont even feel like saying ‘wake up’ cuz ya muthf*ckas SLEEP…

  • Mister Mister

    The youth of there really have no hope of the future, gunning each other down over nonsense.

    “We making our wills at 18”

  • bless her heart seems so beautiful looks like she had a bright future ahead of her so so sad i pray as much as i can for the world n i will continue

  • Southwestern

    Her killer should be placed in a wood chipper, and the other thousands of sh@t balls like him in the Chi.

  • 4xtra

    what is wild is that Chicago has less murders now than in the 90’s.
    900+ in the 90’s to 400-500 now per year, that is still cray.
    That is about a murder or two a day…..
    This is absolutely senseless….

  • dagreatpasquale

    This stuff just breaks my heart. God Damned shame