Friday morning Tatyana Ali seen shooting for “A Very Larry Christmas” in Sherman Oaks, Los Angeles.

  • DCAssLuva

    im getting old if ashley banks getting old lol damn time flies

  • crabapples

    dyme. love her in second generation wayans.

    • bob

      Did you like that lame ass show?

      • crabapples

        that show wasnt lame my dude. it was solid. you can always go check love and hip hop or some typer perry sh1t if you just want to see niccas fighting and acting ignorant.

        • bob

          The show was lame because it was a comedy sitcom but it wasn’t funny at all. The show is no where near The Wayans Bros, The Cosby Show, and A Different World because them shows was funny as fuck! If you think that show was good, you are a lame ass nigga! Nuff said! You will laugh at anything. LOL!

          • crabapples

            just cuz you dont understand it doesn’t mean its lame. is chemistry and calculus lame too? how about puzzy? is that lame too cuz you dont understand it? LMAO

            go sit the fuk down boy.

  • NoJohke

    Why has she not been wifed up yet? Hollywood dudes slipping!! A Harvard grad, beauty etc. wtf….

    • something we don’t know..

    • K-iller (DaCorpNigga)

      Cause she only dates white guys….or drake! Smh

  • GuTz

    Looking like Spongebob in that last pic. Square ass shape. Foh with this lame.

    • miller

      you hater

  • D.Nep