Get familiar with 25 year old Tambre straight out of Dallas Texas.

SmoothGirl : How many times a day can you have se*?

With the right person,I’d probably have se* all day and all night. I’ve got stamina.

Via: BlackJackSkanz

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  • Chicago “Blue” Green

    Where’s the pics? I can’t c ish!!!

  • I see them just fine! Click on them!

    • Chicago “Blue” Green

      Stanks Homie!!!

  • Forty and Fly guy

    Thanks Jack! She is all rite. Rate her a 7.5 based on looks. Her “freak factor” bumps her up to a solid 8.

    • jfizzle

      I was thinking the same thing, that FREAk factor gives her extra points

  • Forty and Fly guy

    Can’t wait till Hahz posts the scans of Sultry Simone from the same issue. Makes this CHICK LOOK AVERAGE.

    • moorfedayeen

      I bet, because Sultry aint average, this chick aint either. A Good 9

  • mr.portcity

    Smooth girl pics are like eyecandy mag they both use a lot of photoshop…I read a lil of her interview she admits she does one nite stands but they don’t leave her alone afterwards pick me I wud follow the rules beat it up and never call again

  • Forty and Fly guy

    @mr.portcity…That goes to show she’s got the good-good. You might not b able to keep that promise.

  • mr.portcity

    never go back for seconds after a. One nighter is my rule…if it was gud b happy wit that…suit up beat it up and move on that’s my motto

  • Spanishfly

    Ehhhhh i give her a 7.5 her body is right but i might just be walkin w. Ger in the street and i might seen someone 5x badder i might just dodge her and go for that one lol so with that being said she aint da baddest but she got it. And plus she presented herself as a onenighter so that tells it all.

  • MisterMidas

    Aaawwww sh1t….she from Dallas huh? Ima have to find this broad. Cowboys aint doing sh1t right, lemme find this Cowgirl gotdamnit.

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  • Cold and hot

    She sexy to me.