Tahiry,Keyshia Dior,Sultry Simone,Rosa Acosta & Secret Moneii Homefessional Pose Down Pics

· January 23, 2012


Tahiry,Keyshia Dior,Sultry Simone,Rosa Acosta & Secret Moneii homefessional pose down pictures inside. Tahiry was cooking in the kitchen after the club. Sultry Simone pulled a Portia and just took pictures of her lower half which looks amazing but it doesn’t do any justice like a full body shot. Rosa and Secret show off their bikini bodies. Keyshia promotes her lip stick like while showing her swag. Who do you think won this pose down?


Keyshia Dior
Keyshia Dior
Keyshia Dior
Keyshia Dior
Keyshia Dior
Keyshia Dior

Sultry Simone
Sultry Simone
Sultry Simone
Sultry Simone

Rosa Acosta
Rosa Acosta
Rosa Acosta

Secret Moneii
Secret Moneii
Secret Moneii

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Discussion38 Comments

  1. Chi Capitan says:

    Not too bad

  2. F. B. I. (female body inspector) says:

    They all looked good except for the chick with the tats.

  3. queso BP.1 says:

    Look at sultrys ass…I mean come on.

    • TheIncredibleBlackCock says:

      he shit fake doe dnt compare it with reals ones thats a diff. category….dnt get me wrong she has the best FAKE ass n the FAKE category

  4. Ryu says:

    i’m taking my girlfriend Secret Moneii

  5. S.W.ATL MADE says:

    Hey keisha dior could you please change your style up already and chill with the casket ready make up…who does your make up Willie Watkins Funeral home?

  6. Red Of teamchocolate says:

    Sultry aka #teamchocolate all star

    Tahiry so damn thick the hallway to small for her to walk down

    making me think about dating a Dominican chick

  7. Anybody feel some kind of way about sultry simones 3rd pic besides me?? LOL I’m just sayn *coughing*…”azz shots”

  8. cadillacgrease says:

    Hell yeah 3 staxx! thats the best pic! …i’m sick of Keyshia Dior liquid paper ass lipstick style..

  9. Cdubb77 says:

    Rosa Acostas boobs lookin RIGHT!

  10. LouieV says:

    All praises do to Tahiry

  11. realtalkldn says:

    they actually all look good here, not feeling these pics of secret moneii though and i feel her

  12. TYBO2020 says:


  13. TYBO2020 says:


  14. MisterMidas says:

    Tahiry won on the first damn pic…gotDAMNdatassphat!!

  15. crabs says:

    gotta go with keyshia every day of the week. cute and thick. but her flavor is tired. she been rocking the same style for more than a minute. switch it up babygirl!

  16. Cold and Hot says:

    All these chicks got bad ass bodies so you can’t go wrong with either one. I already said my piece about Secret and them damn tattoos.

  17. prime706 says:

    1. rosa and tahiry. its to close to call both are in my top five

    2.Secret Moneii gotta have a hood chick on the team.

    3.Keyshia Dior never been a big fan of hers.

  18. Downbydariver says:

    Ms.Dior leggoo…

  19. Playboy69 says:


  20. ginoBrown says:

    After seeing that first pic I say Tahiry wins by a landslide.

  21. lazarus says:

    Rosa’s frame is damn near flawless(really it is). Sultry in that 3rd pic is like seein mike come from the line for the first time. Now Tahiry in that first pic caused some emotions, but that second pic fam, Love a woman who can cook, that’s the shit that will have you jus standing around in the kitchen like you in the living room jus kickin it. For the record that meal would of had to wait. Ohio in the building.

  22. uptownrae says:

    rosa shittn on them point blank!!!!!!!!!!!! best tits in the game

  23. D'mage says:

    KD nice, but a bit xtra with the costume sh$t…(stripp down, um down=the costume wear)

  24. BigBlackDude says:

    BBD is all about ROSA, 100%

  25. mzfierce says:

    i keep seein people say rosa breast are the best lol they arent real so how are they the best? i think keisha dior is nice but she really need to lay off the makeup and change her look up

    • Fantasygirl says:

      Men don’t like real natural grown body parts anymore. If I were a guy I’d prefer to feel on real natural breast and butts opposed to fake foreign objects whether they’re big or small.

  26. Southwestern says:

    I saw that third pic of Sultry somewhere else and was like “who the f&@k body is that?”. I should’ve known. Tahiry is a classic, as always. But that Secret broad? Easily the most unattractive woman ever on AtlNS.

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