Tahiry Show Mag Issue #23 Spread

· February 11, 2013


See Love & Hip Hop’s Tahiry’s assets like never before in the new Show magazine Issue #23 spread that is too hot for TV. I don’t care who you are as a man she could of been the girlfriend from hell.. but you still going to miss waking up to that body laying in your bed.

Too Hot For TV

Picture 1

Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4
Picture 5
Picture 6
Picture 7

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  1. pic 3 made it be known why her name is her name..i drop the new bria myles show mag videos and you drop the new show mag pics of tahiry? so much for slow mondays on ANS

    • MoorFedayeen says:

      Sho nuff. Pic 3 would make Prest change his religion… to satinism for a taste

      • presto 2.5 says:

        yeah right…I’d have her azz sprung off the D…and sit’n in the front pew erry Sunday paying respect…like a good woman pose to…lol

        you’d have her look’n like a crackhead in a month…lmao!

  2. President Ward says:

    I got to admit. She’s off the HOOK!

    Wolfpack Inc.

  3. Smh..smh…smh..smh…smh x 10!!! Natural thickness. #corp certified!! Everytime I see tahiry & esther Baxter….I have more “playa respect” for joe buddz LOL. #BAD BROADS

  4. Realtalkin says:


  5. Mister Mister says:

    She’s real tough, real tough….but what ya’ll think about them rumors she got that monkey she can’t get rid of?

  6. still118 says:

    she dont make no damn sense. she got her campaign jumping early in the new year…

  7. Damn do I see you Tahiry

  8. 206dee says:

    Thick N Sexy

  9. me says:

    her hair looks great.

  10. Larcen says:

    That is one gorgeous lady right there real talk!

  11. judge joe brown says:

    N!99@$ anit never got herps from a pic…and this is what the money is about…phat azz is phat azz…do u see herps in the pix…Oh..ok…plus u ni99$ already sold llamf …StoP think about it…u dont care u want to see azzz lol dumb mf..this should change how u tall about wanting to fcuk a b…

  12. Playboy69 says:

    Tahiry got HERPES!…. ROSEE >>>> Tahiry

  13. Mr Nice Guy says:

    Pics 3-7 priceless!

  14. Teegirl says:

    I swear i tried to zoom in pic3 and her a s s just bust out the screen on my laptop.

    And shut the picture down.
    No lie.

    Tahiry..ain’t mad at ya girl! When you got it, you just got it.

  15. Chanel says:

    The license is fake. If you look it says june in one area then it says February in another.

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