Tahiry Jose has made the transition from be labeled as Joey’s girl to a urban model to a reality star in only a couple of years.

With a body it’s not hard to imagine why so many males and females are talking about her so much. I predict a work out DVD or a transition to becoming a fitness model in Tahiry’s future.



  • Simba

    she’s badd

  • President Ward

    She alright.

    • @P-ward if your saying that because you seen her on Nyc love and Hip hop then I can understand. I didn’t know she was that damn nerve wrecking. Fine as hell but I see why she can’t keep a man. Damn shame.

      • Mister Mister

        I’m basing it off of LNHH, she jive crazy herself. The first show, she erupted like what, three times?

  • Queso (The Corp)

    Lookin good as always

    • @Queso I agree but too bad I can’t say the same for her attitude. It threw me off because I would figure she would be a cool laidback chick. Like “Gabrielle Union” you dig.

      • Queso (The Corp)

        Nah kid she mad down to earth. She bartend at this spot I go to sometimes.. Even if I see her in the street shell stop n have a lightweight convo

  • Mike Lowrey

    That gif is priceless.

  • Her stock has risen in my book. If she can get me to tune in to a silly show on a regular basis,It’s no question she’s a banger

    • Mike Lowrey


    • crabapples

      right. the chick is a handful but i would love to beat it up regular.

      at the end of the day she’s ride or die type you want in your corner.. too bad she’ll prolly end up in jail with that temper.

  • meintatoz

    Frankly I do not see the big deal on Tahiry… she has a big booty that are a dime a dozen in NYC. Her face is ok, but I have seen better. Also in Love and Hip Hop she acted like a crazy woman. not sure I understand the hype on this one….

  • MoorFedayeen

    Ummmm I’m startin to feel Queso when he say “average” NY chick. Tahiry got her days and this aint one of them. Azz lookin kinda light and odd shaped. But @Prest wanna know where he can find them heels she got on. Don’t ask why

  • youngkappa

    TAHIRY is so bad give that chick a ring that ass is truly unique

    • Mister Mister

      LOL@ giving a chick a ring off of her body….shirley you can’t be serious

      • meintatoz

        Dude, don’t give a ring for a booty, booty is a dime a dozen..

        • MoorFedayeen

          I seen that sh1t too and aint even comment on it. Never wife or steady a broad off her body or sex game, EVER.

  • Smash and pass. Plus, she got issues.

  • 206dee

    Thick azz cheeks

  • 615CA$HVILLE

    I need her and Emily then we can have our on reality show Love and Hip Hop XXX style

  • izi

    she lose her big booty

  • Truth

    Reality star is a stretch.

  • damnshame

    Tahiry look old azz f*ck in that 1st pic…shouldn’t even posted tha 1st pic..damn i’m almost got mad 4 that..ruining my image of her

  • Larcen

    Tahiry is most deifnetly one of the most gorgeous women walking Gods green earth! if she ever gave me the time or day im putting a ring on it no questions asked real talk