Tahiry Gets Her Donk Grabbed In The Club By A Female Fan

· January 29, 2013


One of Tahiry’s female fans got a chance to squeeze those famous cheeks. If you ever seen Tahiry’s donk then “I wanna squeeze that donk” ran across your mind at least once.




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  1. President Ward says:

    Gay as sh*t.

    • LOL Cmon @ward,its what chicks do nowdays!

      • President Ward says:

        @Strait what’s next bro? Men squeezing there favorite rappers d*ck and then pose for the camera.

        • @ward, Naw that only happens when teamchocolate dudes take a pic with Mr Cee or LIL B lmao!! But chicks groping chicks is the trend among women in pics nowdays *shrugs*.

          *where it all started @ward*


        • Playboy69 says:

          @Ward…PREACH!…. That’s why she is WACK! @strait….presto dick rides you all the time…SMH!…LOL!

          • presto 2.5 says:


            “@Play…you starting to bytch more than @Moor…lol…mad when folk dont agree wit yo punkazz…and the only way yall can get at prest is screaming “Dik Riding??”…ANS kno prest has his own opinion on various things…that my team might not agree wit…i cosign what i believe from any commentor…even @MoorFeen my greatest ANS enemy…yall niccas need to grow some balls…cause ANS is working on yalls emotions!…LMAO!…but prest does ride and die for his Team…The ANS SupremeTeam

            but again i’ll say….”You kool wit me @Play…i dont wanna call you out for…LAME comments…so fallback young wit your femaleish emotions…(I getit calling prest a dik rider is the best yall can do)

            Man…”I love fuk’n wit these guys on here!!”…LMFAO!!

            **@Play Voice**…”Prest yousa Bp HoeBoy”…lol

            (Atleast this did get a laugh from me ^^)

          • Playboy69 says:

            @presto… U Mad Bro?…. U complain too much u sound dumber than SKIP BAYLESS!…. Presto = TIM TEBOW OF ANS!….LMFAO IT’S TEAM FAIRY TALES ALL DAY!

          • presto 2.5 says:


            you da man @Play…theres no question about that fam…

      • Mr.Justinian says:

        im with B Strait rich niggas raised these chicks to do this shit and it is gay but pretty chicks like that have never gotton the dick thats why they act like that. I would fall on the floor if i seen my girl grabbing another girls ass… (lets me know what she thinkin im lacking)

  2. Queso (The Corp) says:

    I see her all the time u not even getting all that azz in ur hands trust! Them azz cheeks oozing through ur fingers.. Over ur hands all over the place.

  3. Realtalkin says:

    Donk looking great, but females grabbin it annoys me. She prob straight but would wile out if a dude wanted to playfully grab it for a pic

  4. man,you see how tahiry donk just slipping through that chicks hands! imagine trying to bench press all that during a session..need about two gallons of coconut water for that

  5. Lmfao!!!! Shout out to my nigga @rasheed lateef for his “terminator swag” sunglasses in his avatar!!! And to tahiry for them pink leggins she had on the show last night “daaamn”

  6. BzB says:

    i’d be next in line and ask very nicely if i could take a pic cupping her booty like shorty did. let her say yes and see what happen…i’d bury my hands in them cheeks like it was play-doh. straight up massage therapy mode on that booty. lol

  7. 206dee says:

    Thick n Sexy

  8. ginoBrown says:

    Tahiry got a** for decades

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