Tahiry (BTS) Naked Angel Tee Photo Shoot

· June 24, 2011

Tahiry (BTS) Naked Angel Tee Photo Shoot

Check out Twitpics of Tahiry behind the scenes of her Naked Angel tee & 2012 Heavy Hitter calendar photo shoots. The bikini picture on the beach is from her Hip Hop Weekly spread. The models you see the most are the ones working the hardest or the ones who got the most work.

Tahiry (BTS) Naked Angel Tee Photo Shoot
Tahiry (BTS) Naked Angel Tee Photo Shoot
Tahiry (BTS) Naked Angel Tee Photo Shoot
Tahiry (BTS) Naked Angel Tee Photo Shoot

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  1. mobboss says:

    She is bad…..hands down wifey, fellas imagine coming home to her and she on the couch with that purple shirt on with nothing under it…Can we say “Smashing”

    • REX BROTHASOUL says:


  2. B strait up says:

    @hahz,yo fam how much money does she make off all this activity she’s been doing lately? Lol,im sayn photoshoots,calenders and wuteva else. How much does ur avg urban model make yearly off this game? She lookin good tho!

    • Too_Funny says:

      @Bstrait, what i want to know is who buys calenders anymore? and if she’s getting paid for photoshoots or she paying for them? im for sure she’s getting paid to do photoshoots for magazines but most of the booty (urban) magazines i have never heard of and if their online magz how do they generate money other than advertising. But i guess those types of magz are just a bunch a ppl with some money really just paying to be around these types of women.

      • jfizzle says:

        @too funny, I was thinking the same thing who buys calendars anymore? That’s like buying a map. What’s up with the “Legalize Gay” shirt, shouldn’t she be a poster girl for not being gay? @B strait I think they make their money from hosting parties. She is looking very sexy.

        • moorfedayeen says:

          Yea Fizz, the bulk of the money comes from parties. All that extra stuff just keeps them relevant. I know she got a sponser too

          • presto says:

            these chicks live comfortably….not balling status but for what they do(stand around lookin good)…the higher profile names get it in im sure!!!

  3. Cold and Hot says:

    She fine as hell.

  4. She is gonna look back at these photos and regret that she took this tasteless shit!

  5. cameo says:

    Man, what kind of bullshit is this ? She ain’r no “pretty face” model, Tahiry is a bubble booty model. Joe Budden postered her up. Before Joe nobody knew her, and we took interest in her because of her ass. Like the purple t-shirt pic, had she turned around and showed the ass, we’d have given her props. Show the ass ! Ass sells !

  6. Chi Capitan says:

    Legalize gay??? Since when is it illegal to be gay??? Anyway, pics are cool but I’m growing tired of some of these chicks

  7. WordLife says:

    She is definitely in my top 5:
    1.Maliah Michelle
    2.Sultry Simone
    4.Bria Myles
    5.Tahiry…………honorable mentions to Jazzie Belle, Portia Jenkins, Bubbles, Sabrina Hunter and Nya Lee

    • Too_Funny says:

      @WordLife, wassup man. until i see a thong booty pic or video of Sabrina Hunter i cant even put her on my list. for the most part she all thighs yeah she has a a** but those thick thighs take away from the booty meat.

      • WordLife says:

        @Too_Funny I hear you homie, but I am in love with those thick thighs. I am not really a thigh man either, but her thighs just do something to me.

  8. too funny says:

    @cameo, you damn right. They’re all A** Models…..not urban models face models, video vixens or model models just A** Models. I never knew wo she was until Budden put her out their, I’m just speaking for me.

    I don’t mind see other type of pics, I like to see the azz dress up sometimes lol can’t tell it’s true shape and size sometimes when it’s nekkid all the time

    she is cute thou you can’t deny that.

  9. gphi says:

    The pic in the purple t-shirt is my fav., her thighs look amazing. PEACE!!!

  10. apex predator says:

    Tahiry fine as Hell but I aint supporting Gasy marriage

  11. Jeray says:

    “!she does have a sexy ass frame on her what nice a thick & lean body.
    But she makes money from hosting parties,magazine isssues,music videos,giving rappers pu$$y,&etc.The only reason she has that (Legalize Gay)shirt on is so she can broadin her fan base she sees a raise in the gay community so she’s taking advantage of it which is so pathetic.”

  12. She is the type of female that you never see,but when you do,she got a bunch of kids by the same dude.

  13. G 26's says:

    she’s bad

  14. melloluver says:

    I can live without her

  15. Jimmy89 says:

    she got a nice ass body face is ok. i could deal with it

  16. bamabeest says:

    @Wordlife how is Sultry Simone even listed? #2 OVERRATED LIKE THE SPURS WERE LAST YEAR

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