Tahiry and Drake Swimming With The Dolphins

· February 11, 2013

Even though Drake and Tahiry were spotted together in the club in the past, they still denied that it wasn’t about anything.
The alleged couple was spotted in the Dominican Republic on vacation together swimming with the Dolphins. Now i’m not sure how recent the photos are but the photos look pretty intimate to me.
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  1. Ehh u can’t really tell nuthing by these pics. But I ain’t mad at Drake for kicking it wit tahiry. I know I’d try to push up on her if I was homie.

  2. hmm,doesn’t have the fro but they look recent enough..tahiry though man,she came out the gate strong! just living,they are.

  3. MoorFedayeen says:

    Jew azz nicca making his rounds. Aint mad

  4. judge joe brown says:

    They sayin ms jose got the big herp…o boy…could be un true but um.. herps is real…im just sayin.. real life chit dont give a fizuck what u look like..not one bit..so go on ahead and lay up on it pimpin…

  5. ginoBrown says:

    Heartbreak Drizzy…people can say what they want 2 about Drake, but he be running thru alot of bad b*tches

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