bo**ooTV takes you behind the scenes of Tahiry’s se*y photo shoot for her 2011 Calendar that is now available on Thoughts?

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  • dizzim

    I don’t know how she couldn’t be in everyone’s top 10 list

    • Thats cuz its sooo many its hard jus to pick 10but her ass is supa dupa PHAT and I would most def take her as mine she 1 of my fav no doubt

  • Yeah I been wit Tahiry since I seen her on JoeBuddenTV

  • Cold and Hot

    Maxim, Sports Illustrated need to take note these the kind of chicks they need to start picking mo brothas a buy the magazines lol. If her calendar don’t sale out it’s some crazy dudes out there cause she bad as hell and her body is tuff imagine coming home to her every day. Joe Budden should have kept that one on his arm, but you can’t lose with Esther either lol.

    • F.B.I. (female body inspector)

      yea, Maxim and S.I. chicks usually, don’t do shit 4 me….a few exceptions…Tyra come to mind. In previous posts, some have referred to Tairy as a buttaface. I always thought she was cute.

      • jfizzle

        @FBI, I don’t see how anyone could call her a buttaface. The face is cute body banging all positives in my book. Man can you photoshop video cause her a$$ was looking phatter in the video, LOL

  • still118

    i deal with alotta pretty girls
    so forgive me if i dont remember youuuu
    forgive me girl im so forgetful
    theres too many ATLANTA girls
    so forgive me if i dont remeber youuu
    if i dont remember you

  • THANKS Hahz. PEACE!!!

  • blackandmild

    mom says it best lord have mercy

  • Joe Blow

    Damn, I saw “Uncensored” and thought we were going to get the straight raw. Video was piff nonetheless, but I’m a little disappointed.

  • jeremy

    I love u Tahiry! please show more of her and Karamel too they the sexiest!

  • Tim

    Those cakes would get the “Candle.”

  • bighomie53

    Damn she blessed,,, Tahiry you are donkalicious & i wanna beat it!!!!!!! Her a$$ is STUPID PHAT plus she cute as f#ck to me!!!!!…SMASH… *CHI-TOWN* #WP

  • i luv it,

  • shizzarp

    Damn Damn Damn… Tahiry is def in the top 10.

  • Mister Mister

    Somebody tell me this….is there any nakedness?

  • ginoBrown

    Yea she fine den a muthaf#$%,her body perfect cause she got a extra small waist an a extra phat ass…dats a hell of a combination.