Tip visited Atlanta’s Streetz 94.5 earlier last week and said he’s currently a free agent and won’t sign with a label for less than an 8 figure salary. He goes on to elaborate by citing his various branches of business, but that’s still a huge number. Do you think he will get that check?

  • Nope

  • wow tip get that money

  • Greg4422

    lol…this nigga tripping…I’m sorry T.I., you’re a okay dude…even though you snitched to reduce your fed time. I like your show Family Huslte, and the few movies you played in were okay, but your acting needs some work. Now, your rapping… back in the day you had a few hits, but lately most of the music you drop SUCKS, and in my opinion a record label with be stupid to sign you at all let alone for 8 figures…you’re not living in reality son….stick to your reality show and your movies and leave the rap shit alone, you ain’t got no more. Thats my opinion of course.

    • reefmoney

      1.) any and all snitches have paperwork…..wheres the paperwork

      2.) T.I. won’t get the money because
      a.) If you are worth just half of that you would be able to generate that money on your own
      b.) your last 2 professional releases have not garnered support despite still using big money marketing
      c.) why would someone give you a 50 million loan? for what? B.O.B? MMG have at least 2 viable artist and GOOD has 2…what does Hustle Gang have besides BOB?

      • Reef those days of paper are over.

        • @Hahz & Reef…LOL! Do you think the Feds are about to show anybody some paperwork! T.I definitely gave up some info but back to the topic, dude was hot “7 yrs ago”!

          • Any one locked up in a federal prison will tell you they don’t document paperwork anymore.

        • Simba

          and who would he snitch on?

          he was the one buying the guns and he sure as hell wasn’t living the street life anymore, he was an established rapper. who could he possibly have relevant information on that the feds would go as far as hiding this mythical paperwork just to protect a rapper when there are serious crime syndicate bosses that snitched and are documented on paper?

          you think the feds finna cut down fed time for a rapper because he snitched on the dude he buys weed from? lol

          i doubt this nigga snitched

  • Crush

    Price Is high, but TIP is guaranteed at least 2-3 hits off every album, like it or not. Doubt it happens but I wouldn’t be surprised?

    • MoorFeen4Lorraine

      And what hits did he get off “Trouble Man” even with all the feautures? He just released that or did you know?

      Lesson 1: if you gotta talk about stuff like this on the radio chances are it aint happening. Who talks about going out to get paid? You just do it.

      TIP was on top at the height of the ATL movement 05-07 maybe 08 in my opinion but not to more. His credibility is forever tarnished with me and many others. I like that verse he did for Trinidad on the All Gold remix so he can still bang on the mic but I doubt he’ll see the same success ever again. He’s done.

      • NoWhiteInMyCup

        Not to mention that his entire damnnn roster are full of lames with the exception of Trae

        And we all know the only reason he signed Trae was to get a street pass in houston , Houston is the new ATLANTA and with all the beef he had, trae is his street cred pass.

        T.I.P is a rhymer wont lie but his music overall is commercially trash

  • Pceezy

    He mind as well go independent ,,,, spend money to make more money

    • Tell that to Damon Dash!!!

      • NoWhiteInMyCup

        Dame aint broke because he independant , dame is broke because he lost his proverbial CASH COW in JAYZ, everybody else that DAME brought to the table aint amount to nothing,

        Dame was doing too much SAN ROHESTEINING , burning bridges , thats why he broke

        • Dog,Dame left with 20 million. You can build your own bridge with 20 million! Like I said, spending money to make money can put your A$$ in a bind. Every business deal is a gamble!

  • truthteller

    @hahz how are dudes callin t.i. a snitch wen he got busted red handed ordering guns for himself…so who did he snitch on himself?

    • One thing we will never know is.. If he snitched on some one. But a fact is a felon charged with his crime must do a mandatory sentence (10+) that he didn’t serve, so something was negotiated.

      • Simba

        to which he already admitted he negotiated his plea deal which included all of them crime stoppers adverts and more

        there was nothing or no one to snitch on, however you can negotiate a deal and with a strong enough legal team if you can prove you can be a commodity to the feds outside rather than locked up, they’ll offer you a plea deal

        • MoorFeen4Lorraine

          @Simba you making some sense but you said something real good: “he’s a commodity”. And just what do commodities do? Like Hahz said, he didn’t even get 2 years when he should have been doing 10+ with all that stuff he had. It don’t add up and far as the Crime Stoppers commercial, the n1gga was telling everybody else to snitch too LOL. Never cooperate with the law cause they aint here to protect or serve. They got their own agenda and that’s feeding the prison industrial complex with n1ggas for any reason.

  • glen

    I believe he told on someone about something he got off way to easy on a fed gun case being a high profile black man he should still be locked up.That being said he is a hell of a hustler

  • bee

    Satan told this nigga that you ain’t worth no 75 million. He slow to realize reality, but he is not alone. His mother and/or father did not teach him well, but how can they when they too are not versed in the truth.

  • Jamez

    was alfa mega really a cop?? cause that fool disappeared off the face of the earth. but i think T.I. snitched on TIP lol

  • Moe24p

    Most dudes I know from the streets that are or were in the Feds will tell you no cooperation no deal

  • joe

    clearly overvaluing his material. He should take that to pawn stars they’ll give him $400 for what he thinks he should be gettin 8 figures for. 8FIGURES?? You aint building no dam spaceships. You’re administering slightly above-average products.