T.I. Celebrates His New Coffee Table Book In NYC 12/12

· December 13, 2013

It was a real celebration last night as some of the best in the music, media and fashion industry came together for the launch of AKOO’s first coffee table photo book, Book Of Kings. With Hennessy as the official drink of the night, the unique and artistic mixer was decked out with the artwork of Sue Tsai, Jonathan Mannion, and more.

“It’s been incredible to be honored and grouped in to a group of talented visionary artists,” said photographer Jonathan Mannion.

Book Of Kings, Vol. 1 is the first of many photography books that honors some of the best in the industry for their accomplishments. Some of the “kings” honored include T.I., Lil Duval, Iggy Azalea, Karen Civil, Pharrell and many more. The book tells the story of their hustle and captures them in action. While the book is set to publish a new volume biannually, the man behind the plan T.I. says it won’t be easy to earn a page.

“[To make the Book of Kings they must] presents themselves as a king and handle themselves accordingly,” Tip told Alley Oliver of KC.com. “It’s what you say without saying, do without doing, its what’s in you more so than what’s on you.”

Along with the book, AKOO also displayed their new “Search & Rescue” Holiday collection that was inspired by nature. The collection is available online now. Check out some photos from the exclusive event here.

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Discussion5 Comments

  1. Cakes(overtime) says:

    Bunb and T.I. are all hugged up and smiling like a couple or something lol

  2. reme says:

    But who’s really going to buy a coffee table book by T.I. tho’?

  3. Sunshine says:

    Just what I needed for the holidays! A felón with múltiple bastards, to educate me with nonsense about how to treat bitches and hoes. Maybe I can raise My future kids to lose their virginity @9/10 and spend each alternate year in jail.

    Thanks so much, clifford. Happy holidays to you and your bastards! All the best…

  4. ice says:

    Wait..what table book?

  5. Cakes(overtime) says:

    Damn some harsh comments up above lol T.I. is a real contradiction he seems street,professional,logical,but still makes alot of dumb mistakes,he acts humble one minute then obnoxious the next..is he fake,bipolar? I dont know and dont really care anything with him I just keep it moving(music,show,movies,and now book is added to the list)He is a prime example of why I think artist should keep their lives private and their mouths shut just put your music out and thats it..

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