T.G.I.F Top 10 Super Thick Models

· April 16, 2010

T.G.I.F’s top 10 models with plus sized bottoms. Some familiar faces in today’s top 10 Rikki Renne,Pebblez,Ayana Angel,The Elliot sisters and Dora Renee. Which picture is your #1 fav?

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Discussion19 Comments

  1. MICHAEL816 says:


  2. HEAVY says:

    #10, HEAVENLY……

  3. MoorFedayeen says:

    Every last one is official..even pebbelz on this one.

  4. Dubb says:

    I’ll take the two chocolate ones please

  5. TYBO2020 says:


  6. WHOD says:

    2,6 & 10 all day..pebblez too

  7. 4REAL says:


  8. trap101 says:

    the classic Ayana Angel!! She still pullin’ tricks out in the A?

  9. scog81 says:

    Cant choose. All 12 getting HIT IN A HURRY!

  10. cedric L says:

    All of them but numb # 9, cot damn.

  11. Cold and Hot says:

    Dayum man!! All of em shit lol!

  12. melloluver says:

    The Elliot sisters(especially the darker one), and #9.

  13. b says:

    #9 look like two different bodies

  14. Swag says:

    numba 8 is a definite win in my book

  15. Michael Morrison says:

    Pebblez is so fake thick

  16. BigHRD2 says:

    Booty whether its fake or real farts the same, bro this is all
    pure honesty.

  17. BigHRD2 says:

    Pebblez is thick not fake, whatever Michael Morrison says these
    are why haters call black women fake butts for Jesus Christ
    sake, Why nobody said that about JLO punk motherfucka.

  18. mobboss says:

    1,3,6 damn…

  19. BigHRD2 says:

    That’s true what I’ve said but if Pebblez a faker so the hell is
    Nikki Minaj.

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