Pastoring a church of 30,000 members can be very stressful but this can be amplified when your teenage daughter gives the news that she is pregnant.

After nine years, megachurch Pastor T. D. Jakes of The Potter’s House in Dallas, Texas, is opening up about how he handled the news of his then 14-year-old daughter’s pregnancy.

“Shocked, crushed, emotionally devastated, and yet there was something down inside of me and in her mother as well, that said we have to rise above the trauma,”

Jakes said on the Roland Martin Report describing his first reaction to the news nearly a decade ago.

After expressing his initial feelings of disturbance over the incident, Jakes concluded that “love overrides everything.”

When news of the pregnancy spread, the prominent pastor also encountered difficulty emanating beyond his home.

“We got letters, we got blogs, we got stuff that was lies and garbage told about us. We had the press swarming the church.”

With various media coming to the church to further report on the story, Jakes commended his congregants’ integrity, refusing to say anything and telling the press that it was a personal matter that they had nothing to do with.

Despite the pressure, Jakes stood by his daughter keeping her, and not his image, as his chief concern.

“It wasn’t about being embarrassed, it wasn’t about protecting my image. I cared nothing about that. I cared about what you see sitting right here,”

referring to his daughter, Sarah Henson, as he placed a hand on her back to comfort her.

Knowing that her father would face a lot of attacks and criticisms over her pregnancy, Henson recalled telling Jakes at the time,

“Dad, if you want me to …. I don’t have to come to church, whatever’s going to make this easier for you. He told me ‘I’ll give the whole church up before they make me disown my daughter.'”

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  • Leon Frank Nitty

    besides the fact they are only lip professing, this kinda BS is exactly why I dont fuck with church. I need to go to McDonalds… *wink wink*

    • MoorFedayeen

      Yup. Last time I checked this nigga drive a Phantom RR. That was 2 years ago. It’s all about the money.

      • Tony Money

        so what, he the pastor of a church that has 30,000! if everybody gives in a dollar or 2 every week don’t you think he could afford 1. you niggas praise these motherfuckin women on here and would give them you last dollar but hate to see a pastor that has changed lives have better than u. he human just like you and me why he gotta have a damn honda like u if people blessing him.

        • williedynamite

          speak on it Tony! lol

        • BzB

          the excessive lifestyle these mega church pastors live is contrary to the message they preach of living modestly. plus them tithes ain’t his money to spend how he see fit anyway.

          • after this statement, I now know that ignorant people will will be the norm before long.

          • MoorFedayeen

            Fuck whatchu talk toney. Under NO FUCKIN SCENARIO should a man in his position be driving a $500,000 vehicle. How fuckin worldly is that? That niggas a poverty pimp-point blank.

          • 2mques

            If he was living modestly, people wouldn’t go to the church like they do. If MJ worked at the DMV, and you saw video of him working at the DMV every Sunday, most of y’all wouldn’t buy Jordans.

        • jayevans20

          Amen to that. Let he without sin, throw the first stone. I willing to bet that no one picks up stone; Especially on this website. This is also a problem with Tim Tebow as well. How come when people say they are christian or are disciples of Christ they are scrutinized in the media? Jakes daughter got pregnant not him. Also Tebow isn’t that good of a quarter back so now praying, which has been going on for over 2000 years is now called tebowing? Come on man!

  • Who_am_i

    So son’s frequents gay spots and daughter got knocked up at 14. Makes you wonder…

  • Who_am_i

    how can some one go to him with their issues and he has his own. I remember this article about his son exposing himself to cops..

  • Daz

    Your First congregation (Church) is your household. Make sure that’s in order before anything else.

  • Chi Capitan

    Well at least he didn’t try to get all self-righteous like many of these other false prophets do

  • supafly919

    we are truly living in a demonic world it seems like the pastors have no power anymore satan is ruling the earth

    • Chi Capitan

      1 John 5:19

    • presto 2.0

      …we are living in Satan’s playground…and money has corrupted EVERYTHING…people might as well hit they’re knees and start praying to a dollar bill…cause it is GOD to many!!…we twist and turn everything into what we want them to be theses dayz….to help comfort and justify our wrong doings…we are brought into this world pure…and the world instills the demons!…from pastors…bishops…to the catholic church…evil spirits have entered them all and rules most…FIND YOUR OWN PLACE WIT GOD…READ A DECIFER THE BOOK…for those that dont jus read the words but DECIFER THE MEANING BEHIND IT…AND GAIN STRENGTH WITHIN…ima stop there!

      • BIG TOO

        yall gettin’ deep on here,I luv that sh!t,alway’s good to learn sumthin’ new,and to see my brother’s discuss sumthin’ more than azz,luv that too,but yall know what i’m sayin’…lol

  • stacie

    Just cuz you have faith doesn’t mean u don’t have tribulations. If you people are looking for perfection in a person than i guess you will always have a reason to cast stones, and you know what they say about casting stones!

  • Love Bug

    he could punch his members in the face and they would still be there next week. damn shame.

    • MoorFedayeen

      Looooool, +100000000

  • 313Deuce

    Man those pastors be having so many issues behind the scenes, doing their own shit, and still think they doing Gods will. ha. Fix your selves before you try to fix somebody else.

    • RussellReed

      True dat

  • juice

    so im guessing the child like 10 and she like 25… lol these hoes… yall post shit like this make a nigga start stressing and i aint even got kids gard damn atlnightspots.

  • bebe69

    T.D. Jakes is real stand up for that. That situation could have ruined him but he didn’t care. All that mattered was he, while still being disappointed, would never even consider turning his back on her. You have to respect that.

  • Leon Frank Nitty

    Their aim was to destroy the social order (nation, family, race, religion, property) and turn Torah morality on its head.

    What had been prohibited would be allowed: adultery, incest, pedophilia. (This is the occult origin of our “sexual liberation.”) Inspired by the Cabala, they practiced “holiness through sin.” Good would come through the annihilation of Western civilization and the triumph of Evil.

    its like the way Jews pump sex now adays how can anyone possibly resist?!? Laughing all the way to the bank and homeschooling their kids on you fake jive ass niggas

    • presto 2.0

      NOW THATS THAT REALNESS!!!…@LEON…but dont think they ready for that!

      • BIG TOO

        @presto yeah this kid leon deep…lol

  • moe24p

    Jesus didnt preach prosperity that contradicts his lifestyle, the Lord also says if you cant keep your own house in order how can you keep his in order?

    • MIAMIBLACK30586


      • Chi Capitan

        Put 100 on that. That’s what most people don’t understand. Serving the TRUE God isn’t about prosperity, it’s about being content with sustenance and covering while focusing on the ONLY ministry that true followers are instructed to do. But ANS ain’t ready for all that……….lol

        • presto 2.0

          WOW…Great ish @Chi!!!


    Everybody know’s church girl’s are the freakiest,they get tired of playin’ that goody goody role,and want to take a walk on the wild side,but on the real,to all the father’s who have daughter’s,as soon as they start their cycle,it’s time to give them that sex talk,my 10yr.old just started her’s(yeah i know,a father’s worse nightmare,she can possibly get pregnant at 10yrs.old),so imma do her just like i did my oldest daughter,stay droppin’ game in her ear,giving up the real,raw and uncut,cuz these kid’s are exposed to sooo much at a young age,waaay more advanced than i was at their age,my son got his di@k sucked at 11yrs.old,at that age,i was still clothes burnin’,playin’ catch a girl,get a girl…lol,my oldest girl is 17yrs.old,and no baby’s yet,thank god

    • presto 2.0

      …realtalk @Big2!

  • Tzoe

    fuck religion

    • MoorFedayeen

      Nuff Said!

      • Be Ez

        You believe in whatever you want to believe. You have to make your own choice, don’t believe in false idols or prophets, if your not worshipping Jesus, you’re worshipping something else. You niggas are quick to throw out some shade to a positive message. I call you crabs in a bucket, self hating black men. We all make mistakes, no one is better than the other, don’t dislike the guy because he pastors a mega church. Most parents would disown their daughters or cover it up to protect themselves. He has done something right in his life to get to this point. For all the money he makes, think about all of the money he has put back into the community, the black community. Think about all of the missions in other countries to bring the food, water, shelter and religion…. But you’re only concerned about that phantom or mansion he owns. Get a life, read a book, maybe read the bible for some morales.

        • presto 2.0

          good ish @BeEz!!!!


    When all you preach about is money and blessing,instead of living right, what do you really expect…..

  • BigBlackDude

    Prosperity Ministry!!!!

  • Tip CHOP $hape

    Hey, that happening in this day & age is “NOT SHOCKING!” It can be worked out. In case you’re not old enuff 2 remember, The “Queen of Soul” Aretha Franklin had a couple sons around dat age, Her pop’s was a preacher LOOK HOW SHE TURNED OUT!! ONE of tha Greatest voices dat ever lived. Just sumthin’ 2 think about

  • Be Ez

    Tis is the bs we see on this site, quick to slander or discredit whatever we see….. Promoting self hatred and degradation but when a fat ass on the screen niggas quick to respond. There is more to life than ass and tittes

    • 313Deuce

      Ez chill fam, there is other community posts on here besides azz and titties. It seems to me like you havent been through this whole site. Shit nigga we dont force this model broads to put they self out like that. What you expect us to do when we something we like, not comment? nigga please. Shit she fourteen so expect niggas to feel a certain way about it.of course we are going to slander it because its wrong. If i had a daughter i would go ape shit on her azz. Whats the positive message you see in this, besides him not wanting to see his daughter in the media more than his reputation being messed up? Another black girl lost by opening her legs at fourteen. So all that “yall niggas crabs in the bucket, yall niggas this, yall niggas that” BS can wait. We crabs in the buckets to ourselves mentally and physically, we dont have to wait for another nigga to do it. Dont judge everybody up in here about what our perceptions are if u aint judged yourself yet. Now go read a bible on that.

      • BIG TOO

        @313Deuce There was a time not to long ago(early 1900’s)when young girl’s(13,14,15yrs.old)were damn near forced to marry,and have children,cuz in reality,a 14yr.old’s body is ready to reproduce,we just live in a time where gettin’ an education is more important,so u can become a productive member of society,and of course having a babie would make that harder to do,I just wanted to say that becuz u said she was a black girl lost,I don’t personally know her,but i wouldn’t say she lost,cuz she can still go on to do great thing’s in life,We all make mistake’s,No disrespect big homie,just sayin’

        • 313Deuce

          none taken you right i agree, its just that so many women and not just our race of them know what it is, see so many examples in front of them, have more means and ways to take care of themselves then any of our parents had, yet and still they fall victim to these guys. thats why i said lost, because obviously the guidance she did get most likely fell on deaf ears and prolly thought it wasnt going to happen to her.

          • BIG TOO

            @Deuce i definitely hear that,now that’s the truth

    • BzB

      got bs on the phone right now for this post. these pastors have their congregation praising THEM not the true G O D which is in every person. church is supposed to be a place where you can fellowship with like minded individuals, but these mega churches got more gossiping and running around with opp than the club do. then you got these pastors living an excessive lifestyle (just like the rappers, athletes, entertainers and actors) and at the same time telling people to stay grounded and believe in their faith. people out here losing their jobs, homes, family, living on unemployment and wic, but this dude got to have his rolls royce and million dollar mansion…paid for by those same people that are now hurting?!!!

      these “leaders” are putting material things ahead of their calling! god doesn’t want individuals to have nice things, god wants all of us to have nice things. that means that no man (especially a pastor) should have excess in the face of someone else who has nothing.

      how is that casting stones for calling out someone who is, for all intents and purposes, worshiping false idols by buying the louie, fendi, prada, gucci, big cars and big houses. there is no where in the word of the bible where god says those that lead his flock should do it from the seat of their rolls royce parked in the driveway of their million dollar mansion at the top of the hil. foh with that ish.

  • Ryu

    Jesus was poor and black
    taught about love and worshipping his father

    Churches teach money money root of all evil