T. Boone Pickens Stunted on Drake Via Twitter

· May 31, 2012

Who would of guessed that Filthy rich energy magnate T. Boone Pickens was one of Drizzy’s 7,407,097 followers on Twitter.

Last night Drake got stunted on by a billionaire (which I wouldn’t consider taking L). All Drake could muster in response was “@boonepickens just stunted on me heavy,” which likely sent the billionaire scrambling to Urban Dictionary.

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  1. Jerm says:

    Old white energy magnates are following Drake on Twitter?! Damn, hip hop is definitely in the toilet. Next thing you know, Obama is going to be quoting 2 Chainz this fall, tellin’ Mitt Romney to “Catch up to my campaign…”

  2. prince_kosmic says:

    Sorry Hahz, it was a loss. Drake and his bofriend Weezy just LOVE S H I T T I I N on all of their fans by demeaning them about how your girl gone strip for them, how much money they got and y’all nigg$# broke blah blah blah. In reality, $1 mil aint that hard to get when you’re an entrepreneur (a no-bullshitter entrepreneur that is).

  3. MoorFed says:

    If I EVER seen somebody get sh1tted on then this had to be it. A milli? Lil n1gga try a billi! **Blows nose with a hundred dollar bill** -T Boone

  4. presto 2.0 says:

    **POINT**…”if your on a Billionairez radar….you doin big thangs”

    …the whyteman is alwayz lookin to “invest” some of they megacake on whtever the “po folk” is wastin they money on…a milli is a drop in the bucket to them…and they laff at the fact that… “these lil niccas actually think they doin sumthin”…they throw pocket change at these dudes…make them sign they name…and make themselves richer…(maybe not in this case…but jus sayin)

    …this was a “who’s yo daddy”…tweet…they look at them rap niccas like “unjustified millionaires”…jus me

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