Swizz Beatz hasn’t cleared his deb with the IRS according to a recent status update. The state of New York filed a tax lien against the super producer claiming he still owes a cool $98,246.18 for the year 2010.

According to TMZ, Swizz who is married so singing superstar singer Alicia Keys, also has federal tax liens filed against him to the tune of $2.6 million.


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  • Cease

    He’ll be alright Alicia got him covered.

  • jamar

    is anybody cleared with the IRS…as long as you make anykind of money,you owe these bloodsuckers.

  • Pceezy

    Are they married if she smart she won’t cuz the alphabet boys will take your spouse money also if u owe

  • lnfamous ONE

    Y do U find it necessary to post this shlt, stay out people’s business. U part of the mainstream media now??

  • His paper is still good. He just purchased Eddie Murphy’s old house. Besides he got Alicia to fall back on if times get rough.