Sweet Lea Lea Works In Diamonds Of Atlanta Now

· January 9, 2013

Sweet Lea Lea Works In Diamonds Of Atlanta Now

For all those Sweet Lea Lea fans in Atlanta she is now local. You can catch her dancing in Diamonds of Atlanta now. If you go see her check back in and tell us about her skills.

Sweet Lea Lea Works In Diamonds Of Atlanta Now

Sweet Lea Lea Works In Diamonds Of Atlanta Now

Sweet Lea Lea Works In Diamonds Of Atlanta Now

Sweet Lea Lea Works In Diamonds Of Atlanta Now

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  1. Will says:

    Can’t wait to take her for a test drive…lol!!

  2. queso (The Corp) says:

    Don’t do nuttin for me!

  3. MoorFedayeen says:

    She look legit.

  4. jamar says:

    chocolate women are the one’s really winning.

    • MoorFedayeen says:

      Tell me about it.

      • *beyonce & Alicia keys laughs at these 2*^^^^^….”hahahaha….if u say so” LOL

        • queso (The Corp) says:


          • DonkRida says:

            Did this guy ^^^ just say Beyonce & Alicia Keys?! Boy I tell ya bout them bp cats lol. Chocolate women are in nicca, deal with it @B crooked

          • @donkey kong, those 2 blackwomen I named are “really winning”…don’t u agree??? But u wouldn’t consider them “chocolate” would u???….nope!!! LOL deal with it son!!! #corp life

        • too_funny says:

          without the money and fame its Beyonce who? and Alicia, what was her last name again? bc we all know it not Keys.

          • MoorFedayeen says:

            Well that’s easy. Ones a mullato and the other wears fake hair, fake eyes and uses photoshop. Since when has Hollyweird ever promoted the original black woman?

            Terrible example B Straight or maybe that’s just how a Bp’s warped logic operates.

          • BzB says:

            @moor…ever heard of pam grier, angela bassett, chaka kahn, phylicia rashad, debbie allen, sanaa lathan, whoopi goldberg…

            i can list 20 more that aren’t “light skinned”.

            you stay on some black nationalist tip that i also support, but you and few others around here have some serious race issues when it comes to our own people.

            real talk….blacks can’t come together when we’re constantly taking shots at each other about who’s not “black enough”.

          • DonkRida says:

            @bzb You need to check ya homie @bstrait. He’s the one always belittling our chocolate sisters. The Generals at TC don’t discriminate, we dominate & represent all women of race. Light skin, caramel, brown,chocolate, white, it’s whatever over here. I like your list you put out there tho. Influential black women.

          • Naw naw @funkrida, I didn’t belittle anyone. Its always u TC dudes who scream “chocolate this…chocolate that”. I always state that I love them in all shades. U fellas are the ones who only show love to “chocolate women” hence the name..teamchocolate!!! Duhh

    • DonkRida says:


      • presto 2.5 says:


        FunkRyda?…is that you?…lol


        • DonkRida says:

          Lol yeah it’s me. Is that your chain you used to wear back in the 80s on your avatar? Lol. Step yo game up playa

          • MoorFedayeen says:

            HAHAHAHA @Donk, a n1gga snatched it now he show this picture to everybody hoping somebody will recognize it.

          • DonkRida says:

            Hell yeah @moor
            *Too funny snatches presto chain*
            *@presto voice* “But, but”…
            *Too funny voice* “Shut up punk!” LMAO!

          • presto 2.5 says:

            LMFAO!!…”Fuk you think i am a young’n?…nicca play’n “The Game” is the last thing on my mind…thats whats wrong wit you niccas…thinkin dis shyt a game…nicca scooped his chips…fly azz wifey…and cashed out long ago…lol…nicca i got a son wit 3 chains round his neck right now(Realtalk)…sit’n in a suv on 2’s…going to college next year…lmfao…and yall worried bout my chain…lol…(Pardon for the boastfulness)…lol…**Brakes**

            and yall choco’s always on some thug azz snatch’n chain shyt?…not knowing the innocent God fearing man yall bout to rob is legally straped like fort knox…and ready to die…to protect one of my many…”lil chains”…lol

            good one @Funk..lol

  5. I remember her wshh video,she definitely can bounce that bubble!

  6. Ricky Fontane says:

    Oh that was her in those white pants??

  7. BzB says:

    she wrong for going through the airport with her booty meat out like that. if i was tsa she’d definitely be pulled to the side for “extra screening”…lol

    • I’m wit u @bzb, but I think she just checking in a hotel with them booty shorts on. If she did have them on at a airport they could stop her from boarding…real talk. I read this story about a lady who was denied her flight because her clothes were deemed “too sexy” LOL. *shrugs*. But lea lea is wearing that dress well in that airport pic.

      **@bzb & @B strait posing as TSA agents stopping lea lea**

      @bzb “uhh excuse me ms, you’ve been randomly selected for search”
      @b strait…”uhh yeah & its TSA rules that 2 agents conduct the search…hands on”

      *takes lea lea in private room in airport….turns off cameras and locks door*

      @B strait..”it looks like ur smuggling sumthin back there in ur cargo area”
      @bzb…”yeah we need u to show what that is right now”


  8. Ricky Fontane says:

    A slim chick with a bubble always wins.

  9. too_funny says:

    TeamCocoa leaf…..natural dark beauty straight from the plant…

  10. BullnBearHP says:


  11. Pceezy says:

    I seen there there few weeks ago it was nice but it’s didn’t awww me like that video me made,,,,her thighs kinda small with all that ass,,, but she most def can get it

  12. 206dee says:

    Babe got nice cakes

  13. damnshame says:

    I’m Comin to See You Sweet LELE….haha

  14. TYBO2020 says:


  15. jigwig21 says:

    Lets go Colts!

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