Sunday’s Best: Maliah Michel, Tahiry, Jasmine Bunee, Deelishis, Irene The Dream, & Jasmin Cadavid

· October 6, 2013

Maliah Michel

Once Again it’s Sunday a day to give bless too football & the beautiful ladies that ANS loves. Tahiry, Maliah, Jasmine Bunee, Deelishis, Irene The Dream, & Jasmin Cadavid battle it out. who do you got?







Jasmine Bunee


Irene The Dream

Jasmine Cadavid

Propz Playboy69

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  1. Proud-Blk-Nerd says:

    Jasmine Bunee—looks too fake

  2. GOAT post. good ish playboy69.

  3. Queso (The corp) says:

    Big head Irene lookin good can’t front….I’ll like to start seeing some new broads though.

  4. Playboy69 says:

    Irene The Dream gets the Standing Ovation….Ninja Turtle face Tahiry & Jasmine Bunee are the runners ups…Irene The Dream Wins!

  5. Cakes(we ready) says:

    Maliah’s 2nd set of pics one word..flawless. This is how a mature woman looks sexy& sophisticated(take notes Deelishis)…the rest their bodies look off( butts to big and/or fake or they look haul the f up or proportions are all off) but have to give honorable mention for Jasmine’s face she’s so pretty

  6. All these chicks getting shafted

  7. Now Thats Pcp says:

    Can’t wait till they start doing p@rn

  8. Big ALbert says:

    Just realized Jasmin Cadavid looks like a young Lisa Bonet in the face. All of them look great.

  9. lazarus says:

    Can’t really go wrong with this post here. Everythang looks edible. Bunee may be doin too much in that white, don’t look right. However in that black, the angle is beautiful. LOL
    Maliah, smh It’s hard for me to understand why ya’ll hate on this chick. She so d@mn sexy and thick. IJS

    Laz tips hat To @PB69.Good ish fam. Fyre post.

  10. 828jeffe says:

    Its a good post. A1 across the board!

  11. Reverend Sanford says:

    I’m so sick of that Chinese/ nicki Minaj wig.

  12. RED(MGC) says:

    Maliah & Tahiry….Deelishis in that leather good god

  13. desolation says:

    Jasmin Cadavid

  14. Bkny54 says:

    Malian, Irene & Tahiry getting it raw dogg all day!!!!!! Word

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