Sultry Simone shows us her new look for the new year. Are you feeling her new look?



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  • Queso (The Corp)

    I ain’t never moved lookin at this broad..I’ll take her down though!! W/o question.

    • too_funny

      i like it with her hair up or pulled back to show her face. she pretty in that she still has the teenage innocent face.

      S/O to tight shirt @queso with the yellow vest, brown shirt and matching hat looking like Ja Rue da Damager.

      along with with his crew…..

      @Bstrait below in the white long tee say “Hustle Respects Hustle” but i should say “Broke Respect Broke” looking like a fake azz Tiger with that little azz chain

      …and @presto in the same pic on the left in the sleeveless yellow hoodie or is he blacker than his jacket, if he closed his eyes you would have even know he was in the picture.

      @Trap with the multi color jacket with that big azz “T” looking like Domino the west coast rapper

  • too_funny

    i fvcks wit her tough….

  • I cant front she pretty as fu*k

    • Mister Mister

      Naw mayne, she’s a butterface

  • DCAssLuva

    whats the new look ???? she always wear her hair in a ponytail

    yeah she most def aint a teacher no more that was before the ass shots cant be a teacher wit a ass that phat

    • Them weaves done took her edges out kinda bad LOL. But she’s still definitely smashworthy!!

    • bighomie53

      LLMAO @DC,, “U cant be a teacher wit a a$$ that phat” !!!!! #DISTRACTION

      But yeah i like Simone cause she cute & her booty was already big as hell before the add-on & like @Queso said i’d take her down too without a doubt!!!!!!!!!! #WP

  • President Ward

    She cute and plus she got a nice big round booty.

    Wolfpack Inc.

  • Playboy69