As he should be. That was the most stunning end to a game ever. EVER.

Alabama’s Adam Griffith missed a 57-yard field goal that was returned for the winning touchdown, lifting Auburn to a 34-28 win.

  • Knowledge1911

    Ohio State won & Alabama lost. All is well in the world!!!

  • President Ward


    • NoWhiteInMyCup

      it aint over yet, they still got to play michigan state next week

      • lazarus

        ya’ll really think Mich State beatin us????Stop it @Nowhite

        • Jeff G

          Just replying to Lazarus a month later to say “Ha Ha!”

  • Prime706

    OSU sucks auburn will jump watch what i tell. I wish y’all played in the SEC y’all would lose 3-4 games a yr.

    • lazarus

      Ya’ll don’t wish that, forreal. ya’ll say that but the SEC is on it’s way down And O-State BEEN the truth, we just re-load fam. Deal wit that.Who you know that go undefeated 2 yrs in a row? Take your time, I’ll wait……….

  • Big Block

    ahhh quit hollarin missou just joined the sec and they only got 1 loss and they no where near the program as osu.

    • lazarus