Women who have children outside of marriage are less likely than other single women to marry, and when they do marry, their husbands tend to be less well-matched, according to a new study.

Zhenchao QianThe results show that the odds that unwed mothers marry rather than cohabit are about 30 percent lower than those of childless single women. When they do marry, mothers are more likely to have husbands who are significantly older and less educated than those of childless women.

“It’s more difficult for unwed mothers to get married, and if they do, they tend to not marry well,”

said Zhenchao Qian, co-author of the study and associate professor of sociology at Ohio State University.

The results suggest that efforts by the federal government and states to promote marriage among young, poor Americans need to do more to prevent out-of-wedlock childbearing, Qian said. He conducted the study with Leanna Mellott, graduate student in sociology at Ohio State, and Daniel Lichter, professor at Cornell University. Their results appear in the current issue of the journal Social Forces.Their final sample included 102,722 women aged 18 to 34.

The data indicated that among never-married mothers slightly more than half — 55.8 percent – were black, while about 10.3 percent are Hispanic.

He said.

“Unwed mothers have significant disadvantages when trying to attract suitable mates,” Mellott said. “As a result, single mothers are less likely than childless women to be well matched demographically with their husbands or partners.”

“Our an**ysis suggests that Blacks and Hispanics may be less likely to marry or cohabit because they face shortages of potential spouses,” he said. “If they had been married or living with someone, they would likely have husbands or partners much older than themselves.”Overall, the results show that “women who bear children out of wedlock do not fare well in the marriage market,”

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In a city like Atlanta a woman with x amount of kids doesn’t stand much of a chance cause so many women here don’t have children. How do you feel about women with kids?

  • BzB

    this study is true. it might sound harsh, but unwed mothers are basically like damaged goods. most men don’t want to deal with the baby daddy/baby momma drama or the responsibility of raising another man’s child. especially if the guy has no children. there’s also the case where some unwed mothers either set their standards unrealistically high or too low. either they can’t get the man they want or they settle for less.

  • MoorFedayeen

    Well, that was a surprise.

  • too_funny (TC UNLTD VA)

    and of course BLACKS AND HISPANICS are the races mentioned as the worst off.

  • TruDat

    Who cares, Niggas aint tryin to tie the not anyway bcuz there’s too much Free “P*ssy” out there now. SMH

    One Love

    • BzB

      we should care. the demise of black families is what’s leading to the problems we see in cities like chicago.

      • MalleG’z

        Now “True That!” It’s a damn shame, niqqas putting the noose around their own damn neck thinking it’s a scarf to keep them warm. SMH. #selflynched

  • 1luv

    I personally don’t like to talk to any women that have kids much less marry one. For me it feels like they have a bigger responsibility which I understand but for me much of the fun would be cut short. That’s not unless you want to bring the kids along on a date.

  • Passdatgreen

    I mean why didn’t it work before with there previous relationship? It’s funny a woman with kids wants a man with no kids like they can’t be with someone with kids . I rather be with a woman I can start a journey with who has no kids like me .

  • Jamez

    well…sorry ladies but i aint tryna be with you AND yo kid. its like you gotta grow up too quick. im tyna have fun and do young people stuff not call it a night at 9pm. plus since he/she aint my kid, he/she might not respect u, got baby daddy problems and its just not the same cause its not MY kid. the thing is, people should think only sleep with someone you are ok with being the mother of your kid off top. if you cant see her being good enough to be the mother..then why is she good enough to f**k???

  • jamar

    there are a few good women who made mistakes…dont continue to make the same mistakes tho.

  • Eblivarator

    I could never get serious with a single mother. Why should I waste my money taking care of someone else’s mistake and screw over my future kids