Research gives us the facts both black men and black women have been waiting for. A recent online dating study conducted by researchers at the University of California Berkeley proves that African-American men really are more likely to date White women.
In an attempt to explain the reason for this phenomenon, Professor Mendelsohn states, “In this country, our notions of feminine attractiveness are based almost entirely on images of White women… the hypothesis that some people have argued is that there is no surprise that Black men should contact White women, because that’s where we get our notions of who’s pretty.”

That is not the end of the startling facts, however. African-American women’s worst fears continue to be confirmed. The Berkeley study also shows that African-American women are the group least likely to be contacted by men of any race. The study showed that if Black women did not initiate contact or express romantic interest, they not only failed to be approached by men outside of their culture, they also failed to be approached by men of their own race.

But is this true? Is this what the study really showed? Not according to many skeptics.

Here’s what the 2011 Berkeley study actually showed:

New research from the University of California, Berkeley, suggests that when it comes to dating, cyberspace is as segregated as the real world. Data gathered from more than 1 million profiles of singles looking for love online show that Whites overwhelmingly prefer to date members of their own race, while Blacks, especially men, are far more likely to cross the race barrier in hopes of being struck by Cupid’s arrow.

UC Berkeley researchers an**yzed the racial preferences and online activity of people from the United States who subscribed between 2009 and 2010 to a major Internet dating service. In their profiles, the online daters stated a racial preference. Some said they preferred to date only within their race, others preferred someone outside their race, and yet others said they were open to dating someone of any race.

Researchers were then able to compare the online daters’ stated preferences with whom they actually contacted for a date, and they found profound differences between Blacks and Whites.



  • torchi

    its about to be a firestorm in here!

    • 4xtra

      I went STRAIGHT to the comments sections

  • President Ward

    This ain’t nothing new.

    • MoorDetroitRed

      Actually it is. I ain’t reading this Zionist bullshit because its not true. More BM marry and date BW, end of story. Foh

      • darkmatter

        What is true is the self hatred and insecurities that are more often associated with the black race than others. It’s a vicious cycle. Black fathers out the home, children resent the fathers so sons take it out on their girlfriends/wives, and the daughters take it out on their boyfriends/husbands. Black divorce has reached over 60-70% and why do you think that is? Insufficient knowledge of self and artificial expectations of success. Unfortunately I just read the empty article/interview by Dede Damti who said her favorite designers were Giuseppe Zanotti, Versace, Zara. It is this ignorance that drives the black race downwards. I bet she couldn’t even afford these designers on her own without showing her ass or leaching off a man. We got a long way to go….smh

        • Mister Mister

          I agree with darkmatter. And nice reference to that Dede Damit interview, although to play slight Devil’s Advocate, she claims she’s a stylist. But you’re still right though, a lot of these women cannot afford it on their own without showing they bodies or getting a man to buy it for them.

          All these superficial women we talk about on here daily try to get these ballers when they don’t realize that they are a dime a dozen, these kinda women are plentiful. There’s more women than these baller men, so these dudes got several on they roster. In turn, these women wanna luck up & get pregnant. But hardly any get wifed up

        • Old Skool Quote

          I was thinking the same thing but @mister beat me to it (in regards to the interview). My first thought was fuc those white designers and y she biggin them up! I thought stylist made trends not follow them! Anyway this article is the propaganda to fuel flames! Most dudes wanna smash whoever like him or he can convince to no matter the color! It’s always 1 at the family reunion but she is heavily outnumbered by sistas!

  • President Ward


  • seanjohn100

    im not going to lie a thick ass white girl is my kryptonite but i refuse to date one

    • K-iller (DaCorpNigga)

      +1 ain’t nothing better than getting that Becky and seeing them baby blues staring up at ya! Can’t never bring one home to mama though!

  • K-iller (DaCorpNigga)

    No firestorm needed! I tend to believe this is true!

  • RED(The Corp *Best In The World*)

    Never dated a white woman and never will

    • President Ward

      That’s great… Want a cookie?

      • MoorDetroitRed

        I fuqed a couple and will do again but thats it! LA Fitness got’em stacked deep!

        • President Ward

          You paid for azz and the whole world knows.

          • MoorDetroitRed

            Pay a white girl for azz? U clearly never hit one before if u say something like that.

  • Jamez

    honestly, white women are the black man’s whores. how many do you actually see them wifing tho? no hate, but if it wasnt for the sexual tension between the two, how many of these couples would you actually see?

    • I disagree, brothers get turned out over white chics.

      • torchi

        actually vice versa..

        word of mouth got em flocking like crazy.. lol most are confused in lust tho

  • torchi

    lol @k_iller i dated every race but asian

    my experience is that white girls aren’t any different then black or spanish..

    its only bad when u date outside ur race for ignorant reasons like thinking the other race is the end all be all that’s some stupid sh!t

    • K-iller (DaCorpNigga)

      I totally agree! I believe ppl date whom they are attracted to, but all my black friends dated white chicks when I lived for s year or so in jersey, ALL of them! And them white girls took care of the homies like a mutha fucka! Not one of them had a job (except me of course) A Becky will treat you like a king for the mandingoling! Lmaoooo

      • torchi

        whoa that’s funny asf! lol

        maybe this article doesn’t hit all the points though cuz i know a gang of white dudes that wanna black chick to date

  • Mr Nice Guy

    Why is that white girls only date DARK brothers?…Beige cats are a no no……..Except Minnesota, St Paul OMG!

    • MoorDetroitRed

      Same reason white boys go for the real dark chicks. They want the real deal and not a watered down imitation of white woman. Black woman imitate white woman with contacts, weave and in some, skin bleaching. Now why would a black man go for the imitation of a white woman when he could have the real deal?

      • Playboy69

        @moor…Preach! Excellent point!

  • presto 2.5

    A large percentage of black women come from fatherless households…or a dysfunctional relationship where the mother hates the father…or has been dogged-out by a brotha…creating the “Fuk a Man Syndrome”…lol…point?

    Its gonna take more than that “mandingo” to scoop that fine thick sista my friend….yall boyz betta get ya money right…lol

    “Pinktoe gotcha feeling like an Alpha…when you aint nothing but her infatuation” <—— Think bout dat youngs…lol

    MGC…**TC's take off running like cockroaches**

  • jamarxyz

    A pretty chocolate woman is hard to beat..but there’s beauty in every race….variety can be good….at the end of the day,be with the one you have the best chemistry with.

  • Davidgotpay


    • ….

    • RED(The Corp *Best In The World*)

      Nigga shut ya dumbass up….

    • miller

      cause god forbid your babies come out wit nappy hair just like yo momma huh? i bet yo white bitch is ugly ass fuck black men always get the white women that white men reject unless you got a lil bit of money lol sucks dont it? go kill yoself bitch ass nigga

  • 828jeffe

    I think this is some b.s. but then again I don’t live on the West Coast. Ain’t nothing special about white women. I’m from NC where it seems 50% of them like brothas. They can have bad attitudes and be Ratchet like they try to make sistas out to be. This is just something else put out there to discredit black men in a public forum.

    • BullnBearHP

      I live on the West Coast… near Berkeley (where this study was done). Black men prefer to date white women? I don’t know about that. I would say we it’s tough to find blk women esp. career oriented single ones. Blk women on the west coast aren’t in the gyms or at bars so we (blk men) really have no choice sometimes. I love my sistas but its almost as though they do not realize they have “the juice”.

  • Pose

    I don’t know what is the point of that study. Mophokers always wanna explain african-americains, black culture, etc…. What about the reverse ? Why there is no study about white women dating black men? They are scared of what they would find?!

    “In this country, our notions of feminine attractiveness are based almost entirely on images of White women”… FOH. Long live the sistas!

  • Maria

    Why would anybody waste their time doing a study? I coulda told them that a long time ago.


  • maxine

    This article is interested in making black boys seem like easy prey for white girls,no other race men worship white coochie more then black men but it’s nothing special,black men need to stop playing victims of white pussy so that the world can stop humiliating black men by doing these studies that say black men are weak when it comes to any female who is white.

    • OdinVonTogan

      Maxi, they’re both weak, those black men and those white women. Weak, naiive, and not very bright. One white girl said to me that, because I was an engineer, I was dull, boring, and conservative, and therefore completely undesirable. We had no conversation, just a brain-washed little idiot that judged me as quick as that. White women have been brainwashed by white man-hating feminists. Popular thing to do these daze, bash the white man. More than 90% of us have no ancestors who had slaves, and most of us actually came here after the civil war. Good white men ARE very demanding, and should be for their children’s sake, but these naiive white women were told they could do anything men could do and could do it better. Guess again. No doubt though, no man can make a human (baby), but women can. If we don’t get back to cherishing motherhood and women’s contributions to their neighborhood, instead of this self-centrered women’s career BS, nothing good will happen for anyone anytime soon. And, why the hell should I keep making electricity for women who have no respect and appreciation for what I do? Yes, I do move mountains and turn the dirt on the bottom into airplanes and cell phones and every other thing that makes life comfortable and convenient, but if I’m dull, boring, and completely undesirable, why should I? Careful what you’re wishing for, little white girls. – That’s the good white man’s perspective on this atrocity.

  • A.Santori

    Just saw this. Get real people, white women have their choice of men—white, black, brown, asian–you name it they have options. Black women have options too but most black women are not attracted to white men, or other races. Has nothing to do with how attractive and who pays the bills, has more to do with their choice–as it should. Sure, it happens but not as often as b.male and w.chick. Again, that’s a choice.

    If a women of color paid the bills of a white man, there would be all kinds of s**t from the black community, you know it’s true! So when/if they do they do it on the DL. White women who date black men don’t care what anyone thinks about it, period. I”ve dated black men (I”m an Italian white woman, age 36) who had class and paid for dates, gifts, etc. Any woman who pays for ANY man’s bills regularly has low self esteem, unless they’ve been together a while and share expenses-that goes for a couple of any color.

    No one can control by media, blogs, threads, etc. who dates who and what color. People need to quit trying!

  • Jim

    I say keep all this bs coming because it has caused tons of black women to chase after white men like me. I am a handsome Italian white gentleman 40 years old who has nailed 12 ebony babes in the last 2 years. Smokin young girls between 18-30 all with those hot black features. Full lips, deep dark eyes, toned muscle structure, tight waist and fuller ass, rock solid stand at attention full c cup titties, and smooth luscious skin. You black guys chase all the white women you want lol. They are all getting soft and flabby fat and have attitudes and none of them will ever have that extra tight muscle structure that black women have running from their shoulder down thru their back and over that beautiful ass. I say lets switch and you have our women and we will take yours!

  • dcp

    Black man gets the hottest white girls, asian man always has the prettiest asian girls in his arms and white guys always pick up asian man’s leftover crumbs.

    Sorry white guys, but it is true.

  • leanda

    Just like you shouldn’t expect a black woman to behave a certain way, you shouldn’t have to pretend to be something you’re not to impress someone either

  • Millicent Gordon

    I believe this research is incomplete! In my opinion, Black men want their off springs to look as close to the White man as possible! Its a survival of the fitness scenario! If their children look White; life will be better for them – financially, socially, career wise, etc.. The Black man also believes that – if they themselves have what the White man has (White woman)- it makes them equal with Caucasians! The common joke in the Black culture is that an unattractive White woman could step into any bar and get a PRO/star athlete! Why? Inferior complexes of the Black man! Unfortunately, the opportunistic ones take advantages of Black man insecurities! Recommendation to the sisters: Widen for dating scope and look outside your race! God may be saying, “its okay to have some cream in your coffee”!