Strokers Miss Ayana (Pics/Video)

· August 26, 2010

One of Strokers strip club elite strippers Miss Ayana shows you what she is working with. Would you let Ayana give you a lapdance?

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Discussion14 Comments

  1. still118 says:

    LAPDANCE…i would let this ho have my baaabbieesss!

  2. mr.portcity says:

    Yeah..she knows how to work it

  3. jfizzle says:

    Yes she is compact. That ass look like two milk DUDS!!!

  4. HEAVY says:


  5. bob says:

    this why I dont go to strip clubs Ima waste all my money she probly gonna sweet talk me take all my money and leave my dick harder than a mother sucker

  6. ATL Tony says:

    at first i said no, but after i seen the video i would because she can work that ass.

  7. ATL Tony says:

    You kickin it with her Hahz?

  8. theyluv2h8me says:

    I would and did… money well spent… no doubt about that.

  9. williedynamite says:

    its finer dancers than this in ATL…

  10. Tone says:

    Yeah she seem look a cool chick

  11. zlon says:

    probably all hype no action!!

  12. gphi says:

    She’s tight, her butt reminds me of Buffie The Body shapewise(it’s so round). PEACE!!!

  13. HonestMan says:

    Nice ass but I wouldn’t pay for it. Simp ass trickin lame niggas forever keeping average stripper hos pockets fat. Pathetic.

  14. Kenny says:

    I wanna know what her momma looks like… lol

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