The video goes in about of strippers prosti*uting in the strip clubs. They are not talking about all strippers are selling se* they are talking about the underground circuit look doors,private parties etc. etc. In todays current economy this is the only thing selling check out recent condom stocks.

  • Bundaist The Messiah

    I attract strippers and hoes like a magnet. Hoes wanna fuck me and i fuck em’…What niggas are willing to pay top dollar for…i get free.

    and LOL at fools who think inet hoes like Tiara who pose nude and strip on camera are not hoes…it’s all the same thing.

  • fabregas

    They dont have to be underground. Go to scores in Houston, every girl fucks.

  • CruelAngel777

    Yeah, I was chatted up twice for a “Pay and Spray” here in ATL. Once at Strokers and once at Pin Ups, but I’m way too paranoid. I keep thinking it’s a sting operation or something.

    Plus it’s not impossible to just talk a stripper into seeing you after hours anyway. Just like the other dood said, they just women.

  • Varis

    ALL strippers sell pussy
    if they told you no , its because
    you stink ,dress bad
    you seem like a psycho who’s gonna kill them
    you dont have enough money