If you’re an out-of-work stripper, you can collect unemployment while looking for a new place to shake your money maker. That’s the ruling from the Kansas Supreme Court, anyway, which said exotic dancers are employees of their clubs, not just contractors. The case reached the state’s highest court when a dancer from Topeka’s Club Orleans was denied unemployment because the club argued that she “rented” her space on the stage and earned money through tips. Based on the club’s house rules — governing how the strippers interact with customers — the court ruled that the dancers were employees, not independent contractors. “[The ruling] was incorrectly decided,” the club’s attorney whined. C’mon, there’s no crying in the champagne room. [Source]


  • Tim

    Honestly, everyone should be able to get help if they need it whatever it may be. When whites were the only people getting this stuff there was no problem but since blacks can get it they try to turn it into a welfare thing.