Strippers boxing at The Blue Flame Gentleman’s Club in Houston, Texas not the one in Bank head. I know strip clubs are not doing as well as pre-recession and there looking for ways to draw in customers but boxing seems a little extreme. I would rather see two girls in a baby pool wrestling in some baby oil then beating each other up.


    If those ladies are really Strippers/Dancers, the goal should be to have fun, and watch the Candy run around the ring, and jiggle; not to have them beating each other up, and to possibly have someone get hurt FOR REAL!!!

  • Nuttyboy

    I don’t see anything sexy or exotic about this shit.
    I mean as much as I’d love seeing those phat asses and titties, I just can’t sit here and enjoy two beautiful women hurting themselves for money. I rather watch Layla Ali fight cus she’s a pro and sexy.

    I second that ^^^

  • ker

    IT seem to me their might be some bad blood between these two Ladies. Where is the fun,sex,Strippers/Dancers Ladies.
    I thought I would see.
    Instead that was some ghetto shit.

  • Now they was jus’ straight scrappin’. PEACE!!!

  • Zuze

    aint noting sexy about this s**t

  • CFighter

    It is extremely sexy letting women catfight until submission