A Cleveland stripper is in critical condition after tumbling over a 15-foot balcony at a gentlemen’s club while giving a lap dance.

The accident occurred Wednesday at 12:40 a.m. at Christie’s Cabaret when stripper Lauren Block, 22, was giving a private dance to Pasquale Storino, 25, on the second floor of the nightclub.

According to the police report, Block fell while performing an elaborate series of moves on Storino.

“He stated that she grabbed the rail, as he was facing away from the balcony, and she tried to complete some sort of dance jump/dance move, and accidentally went head first over the rail,”

the police report stated.

Witnesses described Block as lying motionless on the ground below the balcony, her face covered in blood. She was rushed to MetroHealth Medical Center, where she remains in critical condition with a severe head injury.
Police are not continuing to investigate the accident.

With locations in seven different cities, Christie’s Cabaret bills itself on its website as “America’s fastest growing chain of gentlemen’s clubs in America” and boasts that “each location features state of the art sound and lighting.” Via dknowles@nydailynews.com

  • queso (The Corp)

    Why every time @Moor get a lap dance shorties end up hurt?? Fell off the balcony huh….. Yea ok

    • MoorFedayeen

      Idk either…. o_0

  • queso (The Corp)

    Stripping hazardous huh… Broads need to calm they azz down keep that shi# simple… How the fuc u falling off a balcony… Wth u doing???

  • 1luv

    Either she was a amature or she was trying to hard.

  • Jamie

    Thats what you call gettin some head….

  • tyuaza

    Sound like tip drill when she fell off the pole and was mangled up

  • I don’t get how she could have managed to do that.