As you can tell this is a male dominated site and we all been to a strip club so what are some good or bad experiences that you had?

Here are some stories to start it off..

A stripper ( Light skinned, tats on her back and hips) saw me walk in. I always walk straight towards the bar to get my 2 drinks to start so they wont harass me about that Sh*t. I walk over to the bar and she walked up to me asking to buy her a drink (why do strippers do that? This is not the regular club. You want me to buy you a drink and give you money for a lapdance). I was holding a twenty in my hand. I told her I’m good with buying her a drink. I’ll get a dance later. I turn to pay for my drink and there is no money in my hand. I’m thinking maybe I’m tripping, so I walked back out to my car, recount the money in my wallet, and wlak back in. I destinctly remember her standing next to me when I put my arm towards the ground (I’m not trying to stand there holding a twenty in my hand in her face. They see that Sh*t like gold). I go sit down like HOW THE FUCK DID THIS MAGICIAN ASS b**** GET TWENTY FROM MY HAND WHILE LOOKING AT ME). I wasnt even in the club 4 minutes. I mean I literally walk through the door and walk straight to the bar all the time. It was my fault for not noticing. And I can just imagine how the conversation would have been when confronting her. I charge it to the game

Then to top it off, I have the experience that I am sure every man who has went to the strip club has had. I had a nice phat ass chick come and ask for a dance. I’m like sure whatever. She popping it and droppin in. Then she goes for that stripper move of spreading her ass cheeks and Pu$$y lips. Her Sh*t smelled straight like Sh*t and sewage water in a blender. I generally go early in the day so that I can get in, get me dances, and move on for the day. Plus it is free parking and entrance early in the day. Once again, the club was not even open two hours and she smelled like Sh*t. I only regret not telling her. I was cool about it and left as soon as she was done, but in the 8 or whatever hours they work, some dude was going to laugh and tell her ass off once she smelled like Sh*t and been dancing for a few hours. That was my worst experience in a stripclub. I think every man has been a victim of the stripper saying she danced for more songs than she did and charge you for that Sh*t.

That reminds me that I remember a stripper tell a dude sitting next to me that she danced for 5 songs. Dude swore she only danced for 4 and started yelling at her. Next thing you know the security team is surrounding dude, He looks at ME for validation asking how many dances he got. All I could say was “why the fukc would I be looking at you?” and turned. I believed him though because I have been a victim.

Last one is from a friend of mine who I know is on the board. At a 404 Freak Party years ago and he was getting a dance from a chick. She went from dancing on him to grinding on his hand. Next thing you know she came on his hand…still charged him for the dance though.

Add on.

  • TrAPPA

    One of my worst experiences was paying to get in the stripclub and only ONE ONE ONE ONE ONE………ONE mothefuckin stripper was in the entire club.

  • UmBrook

    LOL @ TrAPPA.

  • Petey P LaFlare

    One nighting a skrippa with no money down

  • williedynamite

    I had a great experience tearing some p*ssy up in the VIP…strippers are the biggest freaks if you know how to talk to them

  • Vic

    when i 1st moved to A i got burnt at magic city cause I wasnt paying attention to the # of dances so 10 turned to 17 I know better now. niccas count out loud how many dances u get those magic city gurls are slimy..

  • Wet Wipes

    How is dancers elite still open? went there friday night there was 5 dancers in there and 15 peolple there rent must be cheap as hell cause that place and bringing in no $$$

  • weezyiswayne609

    dam shame,

  • LemmeTellU

    I was a stripper and lemme tell a snippet of horror from the other side. First, Fuck those skank bitches that don’t keep fresh and rip guys off. HOWEVER not all u customers are awesome, matter fact some of you molested your children, raped women, or just don’t have any fucking respect PERIOD. I was sitting there talking to some dude, trying to make a fucking living, and he’s casually rubbing my butt then BAM! he tries to shove his finger in my twat. WTF! He’s lucky I didn’t lose my cool. I really regret not freaking the Fuck out. Us girls get treated like dogs, even the super hot ones. No wonder bitches do what they do. So unless a tranie walks up and you mistake her for a chick and let it play with your balls to later find out u was totally tricked and violated, GET OVER IT! THINGS COULD BE WORSE. It is the loser club, I mean strip club after all, so go have fun thinking about your Dick.

    • Ashley

      I had a bad experance when me and my friends went to a strip club with
      my friends.

      The night was going all right as my friends and I choise to go to a strip club before we left we knew that mom and her friends were also going out but we did not know were to.

      When we got to the strip club we kept with our friends off in our away from the others who were roudy.

      The night went well until the end when the bar got wild abit and there was so much people in the club.

      The worse thing possable happened my friend Kim noticed my mom and 3 of her friends in the club.

      So we never made any contact for good reasion.

      The large crowd saved us from being noticed.

      But things were to get even more worse.

      One of the Dancers on stage seen my mom and pick mom out of the large crowd and brought mom up on stage and started unzupping and undoing moms belt and opening up moms zipper on her pants.

      soon after the Male dancer on stage slide mom out of her Blue Jeans and sliped off moms shoes off of moms feet and sliped off moms socks and left mom in her under wear from her hips down to her feet.

      Most women in the bar started cheering the stripper on.
      She licked moms face with her tounge and started lifting moms top over her head and toke moms top off of mom.

      When mom was not looking she snuk up behind mom and pulled off moms Bra.

      The people were going nuts as I hug my head in shame as my friends were cherrying this strpper on.

      Mom was sanding there only in her under wear only.
      But he quilky pulled moms under wear off of mom and mom was standing on stage naked.

      He made mom get on all fours This women was feeling mom all over.

      When they were done the dancer on the stage showed mom the dressing room and mom fallowed.

      That was the most embarrassing time at a strip club for me ever.

  • Tracy

    When I was 12 my mom was invited to her friends house wedding party.
    The night went out ok and well until they hired strippers.
    2 men and 2 women.

    I was not aloud to come down stairs because mom could not find a baby sitter so I she had to bring me with her and I had to stay up stairs away from the wedding party.

    When they hired these strippers it was ok but when this black female stripper got up on stage during the middle of her dance she decided to pick someone up on the stage with her from the floor.

    When I came down to use the washroom I seen her pick my mom out
    and she brought my mom to the stage.

    Mom was shy and nervice and this black female dance started
    stripping my mom down to her bra and under wear and when she dropped moms under wear and unclipped moms bra the people went nuts when she had my mom fully naked up on stage infront of them.

    Mom was standing there covering her “Boobs” and her “Vagina” whle she started massaging moms vagina alot she started masturbating mom up on stage infront of the others.

    Mom got off but when mom was done getting off 15 min latter mom qukly put her clothes back on and got me and left.