Selena aka The Bolivian Barbie

Some after noon thickness form Selena aka The Bolivian Barbie and her Straight Stuntin Magazine spread. Fellas what yall think of her?

Shouts out to Deakon

Selena aka The Bolivian Barbie

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  • themanofthehour

    She bad. She can definitely get it.

  • ice

    i need some un shopped pics to judge her,she a 8 for now.

  • G 26’s

    yelp she’s bad

  • Cakes

    BUTTERFACE!! lol but it might be the makeup so i’ll wait for some other pictures and/or a video just to be sure lol

    • SonOfATL

      I think your on to something. I’m giving this chick a 7 until further notice

  • naaaw,she entirely to made up i’ll pass!!!

  • Mark

    Ugh…that face….blech.

  • BWTiger007


  • bigbootylover

    this broad is f$%##abale but not wifey looks like a tranny

  • getdemboyz

    this bitch look like a nigga in a wig