Straight Flexin: DCs Dallas, Kai Lynn, Nya Lace, Irene the Dream, & Jessica Kylie

· April 28, 2013

DC Dallas

Some heavy hitters here for y’all. Who is taking this?

Kai Lynn

Nya Lace

Irene The Dream

Jessica Kylie

Props Playboy69

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  1. JJ says:

    Nya Lace look so juicy


  2. Realtalkin says:

    DC Dallas, then Nya Lace then Kai Lynn for me

  3. seanjohn100 says:

    these broads really know how to make themselves look ugly with all the tats. ill take kylie and remove that stupid weave

  4. WildWild says:

    Who the hell is the 2nd pic sweet pa tootie… Irene the dream thank you for hearing the plea for the bikini pics… my o my.. it was everything I expected and more.. Gracias

  5. NoWhiteInMyCup says:

    Damnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn Yall went innnnnnnnnn on this one, they all looking straight minus the girl at the end

    DC , KAI, AND NYA front runnerss

    irene str8 but she need to chill on the makeup and shiiit damnnn

    • MoorMalitia says:

      Yea this a #TC post and DetroitDON’T simp for sh1t. Strippers gotta go else where to get paid. I was shocked to see Nya Lace finally in a post cause I use to see this chick every single time I hit Deja Vu on 6 Mile & Woodward but never even thought of talking to her let alone getting a dance from. She got a cut throat red bone bff that use to dance up there but nurse’s now and I been pounding that for like a decade now. Damn I’m getting old! We gettin old.

      • Nigga please!!!!^^^^ @moor ain’t smashing a damn thing!! #Mr fap

        • MoorMalitia says:

          Naw my nicca, more like Mr Fap on ya b1tche’s phat azz after I done beat it inside out on yo living room couch.

          *B Straight Coming Home from Work EARLY*

          “Oh sh1t!, what’s goin on here!??!” “And what’s that sh1t all over my couch?>!”

          *Moor pulling up his pistol and Tru’s, buckling his Hermes belt*

          “Well it damn sure aint lotion…send #TC the cleaning bill. Choich!”

  6. Playboy69 says:

    KAI LYNN gets The Standing Ovation…..but Nya Lace and Irene looking sexy…Kai Lynn can get Hammer time any day of week…lol

  7. Irene,kai Lynn & Jessica kylie look the best so they win overall. The other chicks are bodied up….all would get smashed.

  8. Big ALbert says:

    Irene and Jessica Kylie (hate her hair tho) looking impressive.

  9. bighomie53 says:

    Irene got it,, Nya Lace thick as hell tho & Jessica Kylie got that fat cat!!!!!!! #WP

  10. 828jeffe says:

    All of em A1. Irene took this one

  11. SCOG says:

    All Getting POUNDED!!!!!!! My Favs are Dc Dallas & Kai Lynn. They too Bad. Nya Is SupaThick….

  12. blizzy says:

    damn … they all could get it … but im loving me some DC Dallas and her sexxxy asss(dreads or not)…. and Irene and her thyck self

  13. blizzy says:

    Kai Lynn a beast also…. remembered a couple of her vidz i seen of her shakin them thyck cakes

  14. R.E.D(Corp) says:

    Kai Lynn & Irene

    Jessica looking good in them Shorts…Got that muffin sitting right

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