While performing in Quebec City on July 14th 2013, Stevie Wonder reacts to the not-guilty verdict in the George Zimmerman trial that followed the shooting of Trayvon Martin. He declares he will not perform in Florida as long as the Stand-your-ground law isn’t revoked there, or anywhere else in the world with such a law.

  • Jamez

    protesting to not perform at the stand your ground states is a good idea but alot of people cant follow cause its actually like 20 states and cant afford the loss

  • MoorDetroitRed

    Now this what I’m talking about! Put your power and money where your mouth is. If all entertainers or a good number jumped on board, FL would feel it. Boycotting is still a vicious tool.

  • Even a blind man can see that the “Stand Your Ground” laws need to be revisited to ensure it reduces violence.