Last night at the Club Ritz on the south side LHHA’s Mimi Faust and K Michelle were in the building hosting the night club. They arrived around 1:30am and immediately started to pop bottles, take pictures with fans and dance. Around 2:30 Stevie J pulled up outside unannounced and took the spotlight off of Mimi and K Michelle by taking the mic and claiming it’s his party now bring the bottles out. It was all love and smiles, no one got smacked up that night. Last time we seen Stevie J and Mimi together it wasn’t as civil. K Michelle had all the guys drooling over her standing by her VIP section all night. I couldn’t blame them she was the baddest in the building that night.

Mimi Faust

Stevie J

  • Joint looking semi ratchet….Duke in that 21st pic tryna get it popping lol

  • Scola

    I like K Michelle

  • TYB02020


  • PaPiChulo

    kmichelle has a fake azz its starting to look more and more apparent now

    and on side note, Mimi home girl with the short hair can get baby girl niceee, Hahz we need a showcase on her alone

  • wobeli

    Gimme K Michelle all day.

  • K michelle look like she was goin ham turk up in dat joint.

  • Greg4422

    the bag of weed explains a lot…