With Valentine’s Day steadily approaching next month, ESSENCE magazine has decided to tap Steve and Marjorie Harvey for the issue’s latest cover story, “A Love Worth The Wait.”And in addition to the exclusive interview, which was conducted in their Chicago penthouse, dishing details on how the happily married couple maintains their everlasting love for one another, the New York Times Best-Selling author also revealed how he almost blew the marriage due to $20 million tax lien.

“The first thing the Harveys had to do together was face the IRS. According to Steve, no sooner had they been married than he learned his accountant had died, leaving seven years’ worth of Steve’s tax returns unfiled. Tax payment checks made out by Steve were attached to the returns, but had not been mailed out, evidently, for years…the same year the Harveys vowed to stay together “for better, for worse, for richer, for poorer,” Steve Harvey was hit with a staggering $20 million tax bill…‘No one has ever even heard this story,’ he says quietly. His confidants at the time all advised him not to tell Marjorie. ‘She’ll leave you,’ they said. ‘This is the happiest we’ve ever seen you,’ they had told him after he married Marjorie, ‘but nobody is going to stick around with this kind of mess.’ Of course, Steve told her. ‘I said, ‘If this woman leaves me over this, I will be the most surprised man on planet Earth.’ “ Marjorie stayed…”

Check out more of the Harveys exclusive interview in the February 2014 issue of ESSENCE magazine now on newsstands.


  • Ginger_Love

    Is this the man women are getting relationship advice from? Hmmm………

  • Mo

    7 years of taxes=$20 million WTF?

  • Lion_Heart8

    That sh!t makes no f#cking sense. Did his accountant die 7 years ago and he been sending checks to his accountants office for 7 years? If not, that motherf#cker wasn’t about his business, plain and simple. He needs to shut his country bunkin azz mouth!

  • Selina

    No wonder he’s been working so hard lately.

  • Just_Saying

    If I could afford a chick like that, I’d buy her too

  • Force1s

    I don’t believe the IRS and accountant story. He probably tried some Wesley Snipes/Ron Isley mess and got caught. All of those years and not one damn clue? No letters, no nothing! Not buying it.

    ETA: The IRS will send out certified letters to everyday folks. Surely they would have sent some to him. Please.

    • Big B


  • 828jeffe

    A man should never feel that way. WTF is she doing… hell if I fall off then hopefully my wife would help me out. Better him then me smh…

  • truthteller

    These celebrity dudes are dumb as heck why would u Marry a woman that only likes u cuz of your money…if im makin millions best believe im marrying a woman wit millions or even billions my butt would be all in Dubai lookin 4 a princess to marry lols so I never have no gold digger worries smh

  • Greg4422

    Ancient Chinese Proverbs: God don’t like ugly.

  • Sadiki

    Obviously she didn’t just marry him for money.Other folks were telling him that she would leave because he is supposed to be handing his biz and he fuced up big time and he wasn’t honest to her about it.He didn’t want to tell her but he did and she stayed with him.When one is dealing with the type of money Steve has one can fuc up cause no one is perfect.But he is over it and things are going better for him.Respect to him for admitting his faults because in everything there is a lesson and someone can learn from his mistakes.Peace!

  • 4xtra

    He is telling the whole story..
    I have a federal tax lien on me RIGHT NOW for $35k and trust me…
    they send certified letters, call you, and had a IRS agent come to my home……..
    He was fully aware of the debt but chose to ignore it hoping it would go away….

  • Camaro434

    F#$k Steve Harvey.