Steve Harvey Claims Hollywood Is More Racist Than America; Speaks on Kerry Washington’s Role

· March 15, 2013


Steve Harvey  confirms something must of us already knew.  He has a daytime talk show, still hosts a popular TV game show, has best selling books that become box office hit movies, a popular self described relationship expert, and a very successful comedy career on his resume.

In a recent piece about him in the Hollywood Reporter, Harvey lashed out at the unfairness he sees in Hollywood:

“Hollywood is still very racist. Hollywood is more racist than America is. They put things on TV that they think the ma@$$@ will like. Well, the ma@$$@ have changed. The election of President Obama should prove that. And television should look entirely different. Kerry Washington should not be the first African-American female to head up a drama series in 40 years. In 40 years! That’s crazy.”

The article went on to reveal exactly when Harvey’s eyes were first opened to this, though it was pretty obvious to everyone else:

“… it was an education in the thinly veiled ghettoization of network television. At the time, he says, a high-ranking WB executive explained to him that new networks invest in shows starring African-Americans because they bring a guaranteed audience. “But as they build the network and get more eyeb***, they slowly start phasing them out,” explains Harvey, and the networks try to woo higher-income brackets with a less diverse slate of programming that is perceived as more palatable to the mainstream.”

So do you agree with Harvey?


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  1. drejones says:

    of course an why would that surprise anyone. the majority of new shows hav no blacks or 1 black. and the fact that she is basical the white mans whore on the how is even more rscist.

  2. really???? this nugga sold out b-mac ,ced & DL 4the career he has now LOL this mofo smdh!!! ….right uncle tom? oopps steve….

  3. Tim says:

    Is this the same Steve Harvey who demonized men in a book, than in a movie. I would agree that Washington is loving her fame, but look at the lady who invented that show and Greys anatomy. Asked Issiah Washington what kind of Black woman you are dealing with.

    Washington (Issiah) can’t get a DJ job thanks to that woman. If Steve Harvey were not a comedian I would not know what to thank of him sometimes. You can’t go hard on one thing, then double take on the other.

    Star Jones even pulled that ladies card. When other woman start noticing what’s up then I guess something ain’t right. Plus the WB is one of the most Racist, they have been cutting good black shows since the mid 90’s.

    • Will says:

      Hard to say WB is racist when they were pretty much the only network putting on AA shows (Fox had a few); the other being UPN.

      • Tim says:

        Believe it or not they we quicker to pull them off the air then Fox. I have not watched Fox or WB since the WB took off Star Trek Voyager way back when. The did not stop it because the actors wanted to move on to other things, they just cancelled it.

  4. e-dub says:

    Fvck Hollywood. I’m glad Steve did say something. I wish more would say more. I know Denzel touched on the subject of Hollywood and racism. Thing is everyone knows there is racism but most act like they don’t see it.

  5. FiFe says:

    Hollywood is insanely racist.

    What sadder though is the whole of the entertainment is racist, even outside of Hollywood.

    There’s going to be so much that needs to get done for things to be the way they’re supposed to. :(

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