Stacey Hash ANS Facetime

· August 20, 2012

Pretty gal Stacey Hash is the Monday morning ANS Facetime winner. Are you feeling her?

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  1. queso BP. 1 says:

    She cute!

  2. 20/20 says:

    Cant see her face

  3. Nobigurls says:

    Sexy azz hell! Like this

  4. juice says:

    why she hiding…

  5. prime706 says:

    she cute but she acting like she hiding.

  6. wobeli says:

    Curly hair cutie, we could kick it.

  7. Realtalkldn says:

    She is a pretty girl, her friend in black in the 2nd pic is nice too

  8. R.E.D.BP Monopoly says:

    she average at best

  9. REX REDBONES!!!!! says:

    She aigght u suppose

  10. DonkRida® says:


  11. Mister Mister says:

    I think her Twitter page might be a fake

  12. keyword says:

    she is daisy espana of tried and true co & chuck inglish (cool kids) lady friend. she’s a good looking chick in my book. but not the normal fully unclothed lady featured here.

  13. Tim says:

    face time is getting lighter and lighter

  14. uptownrae says:

    Must be from L.A. she cute tho

  15. Kimmy J. says:

    Her real Twitter is @StaceyHashh

  16. PapiChulo says:

    i like the curly look

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