When it comes to films Spike Lee is no stranger to the controversy, and yesterday was no different as the 40 Acre films director found himself a twitter beef with someone who felt that Spike portrayed ho**phobia throughout the film.


Obviously not the case now because Morehouse had to create a rule to stop its students from walking around in dresses and heels which lead to an article being published in Vibe ti*led “Mean Girls of Morehouse”.

  • Queso (The Corp)

    @Moors voice (I am from DETROIT!!! U can watoozie ur azz back to AFRIIIKAAA)… School daze was the shi#

  • Knowledge1911

    I’ve seen that movie a million times & im trying to find one homophobic part in it. That movie along with A Different World is the reason why I went to a HBCU & also becoming a member of a Frat. Folks these days are to damn sensitive for me…smdh

  • MoorFedayeen

    Alright Queso, that’s it. Now wait for retaliation. Anyway screw them fags. How long ago was that film made. Homosexuality is something the world will never whole accept because its backwards and disgusting. Its not like being born with a defect or of a certain race.